About Me

I figured I should say a little about myself. My name is J.D. I'm an English teacher at the Mokdong Magnet POLY School in Seoul, Korea.

For a long time, I was born in New Mexico and grew up in El Paso, Texas. I then went to college at New Mexico State University. I've done many jobs in my life: dishwasher/busser at Village Inn, custodian at the Pan American Center, d.j., then production manager, then general manager of NMSU's college radio station: KRUX-FM, truck unloader ("inventory associate") at Wal-Mart, member of Americorps stationed at a Boys and Girls Club in Montana Vista, TX, truck unloader/stocker at World Market in Tigard, OR, busser/salad maker at Olive Garden, the Easter Bunny at a shopping mall, and, finally, a teacher. Whew! What a varied bunch of experiences!

Most of what I write about deals with my adventures around the world. The last few years, including the one before I moved to Korea, I have had a bit of a crazy life. Now, I spend my vacations traveling around Asia. On weekends, I explore Seoul and the rest of Korea.

Thanks for reading!

How Did I Pick the Name?
The blog name, "No Hippie Johnny" comes from a song I was listening to heavily when I first started this. That song, "I'm Straight" by The Modern Lovers, is about a man who wants a woman who is involved with this "hippie Johnny." I really loved the song and that's what I thought about as I created this blog.

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