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Earlier today I received one of the best birthday presents ever, a job teaching English in Seoul, South Korea at the POLY Mokdong Magnet campus. I should be there around the 15th of April. Let me back up a bit and explain what happened, why I'm excited and what I have to do in the immediate future.

The Background
(Some music for while you are reading...)

Jackie moved to Korea to teach English in December. We thought it wouldn't be a big deal, tough for sure, but nothing we couldn't deal with for the year she was gone. Probably a week into it, I decided that was unacceptable and by January, I was getting everything together to get a job in Korea. There are a bunch of things you have to do, most of which involves waiting. One day I went to the Beaverton police station to get my fingerprints in order to send them to Washington, D.C. for my FBI background check. That took the longest. A couple weeks ago I finally got them back, but I still needed the apostille. I had to send it back to D.C. and wait again. Earlier in the week they came in the mail (I had sent them Express and also placed another prepaid Express envelope inside to speed everything up). My reasoning for doing everything so fast is, on top of missing Jackie, my apartment lease is up at the end of April and I wanted to have a job in Korea by then.

When I received the apostilled background check, I then started informing the recruiters I had been working with that I had everything I needed. During the past few months I had been granted a couple interviews, but had yet to receive a job offer. However, the HR person at POLY school told me to email him when I had everything and, after doing so, asked to speak to me on the phone a second time. This part happened last night...

So he called me minutes later, at just past midnight, and after that interview said there was a school looking for someone to start in mid-April. He asked if I could stay up a bit longer to interview with that school. Of course I said yes. Less than thirty minutes later I was having another interview. I was a bit caught off guard by the speed of everything. All the colors and sounds swirled around me. It didn't help that I constantly walk in circles when I'm on the phone.

The interview went amazingly well. The director (who was interviewing me) wished me a happy birthday. I had forgotten they knew my birthday. I laughed and said thank you. She said the interview went well and they would have a decision soon.

This morning I woke up to get ready for work. After a call from my mom and plenty of text messages from Facebook saying I had posts on my Timeline wishing me a happy birthday, I checked my email. Lo and behold, an email beginning with what you saw at the top of the post.

The Future
Now I have a ton of stuff to do in a short amount of time. I have to store all mine and Jackie's things somewhere in Portland, get Catface neutered, find someone to take him when I leave, make sure all my visa stuff is going well, drive to El Paso to give my car to my parents and fly to Korea. Not to mention all the little things I have to do (shut off my utilities, etc). The next few weeks are going to be crazy, but I can't wait. I'll have money now! I won't be rich, but I'll certainly have enough to start paying more than minimum payments on everything. I might even get a smartphone (finally). And Jackie and I can start going on adventures again. It'll be great!

Wish me luck.

P.S. Apparently they have a blog run by students too!

Yay for everything!

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  1. I walk around in circles and pace when I talk, too...

    ....we must be crazy...

  2. Congrats!!!! I happy for you!!! The things you do for love!!! Im sure she's a great girl:) I happy for the both of you... while reading your blog i thought wow im not the only person's who thinks i need to be walking when im talking the phone lol.. Sophie:)

    1. Who knew it was so common! I just figured it's my plentiful nervous energy.

  3. Hooooorayyy!!!! I pace when I talk on the phone, it must be a sign of genius.


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