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Cambodia Vacation, Part Three: It's a Sick, Sad World

The view from my hotel, the Angkor Miracle Resort & Spa
[After a rather odd night, I was ready to get to truly exploring Siem Reap. I'm sure my stomach, fully tested from a day wandering the city, would be up to the task...]

I woke up in the morning and took a shower. At the front desk, I asked for a tuk tuk to my next destination, and the owner got me a ride. It was quick and easy, just down the street. From my hostel, I moved to a five-star hotel, the Angkor Miracle Resort & Spa. Pretty nice! And since I got it for 75% off, I didn't even pay too much at all.

Rollin', rollin', rollin'...

Angkor Miracle Resort & Spa

I was impressed by the massiveness of the hotel. I had no idea it would be so nice. I was there early, but they had me relax by the outdoor pool until my room was ready. Sitting there under the blue sky but sheltered by an umbrella, I continued to read "Catch-22."

About 30 minutes later, the lady at reception came and got me. She led me up to my room. It was so fancy! I was immediately reminded of my fancy room in the Philippines. Somehow, this was even better. No complaints here.

Nice room at the Angkor Miracle Resort
Soccer on television. They had a nice selection of English language channels.
Fancy shower! I didn't use the tub though. This was good enough for me.

No, Not Again...

That afternoon I went to lunch at the restaurant in the hotel. I had some good food, a beer, and a Singapore Sling. An hour after going back to my room, I began to feel bad. I don't know if it was the food or the alcohol, of which I was not supposed to drink according to all the research I had done on food poisoning, but I was sick again.

All evening and into the night, I had stomach cramps and many trips to the restroom. Ugh. I couldn't sleep. It had started all over again. I knew I couldn't really spend time exploring the city or heading to Angkor Wat like I wanted to.

I ordered room service a few times. It was tasty. Even though I knew it wouldn't make my stomach feel better, I knew I had to get some calories in my body just to stay alive. Over the previous few months, I had gained 20 pounds of muscle through eating healthily and exercising on a regular basis. Two weeks of food poisoning seemed to put that all into jeopardy.

A couple of days passed like this. I would wake up and watch my nice, large television. Either History (formerly know as The History Channel), soccer matches, or the news would occupy my time as I lay in bed. By the way, there are some terrible shows on History nowadays. The documentaries about World War II are still rather interesting. I learned a lot about D-Day during my time on the shelf, but the reality shows are horrendous. At their best they are background noise.

Getting Better and Running Out of Time

It had been a few days of slow recovery, and I had to leave the next day. On my last day I started to feel a lot better around lunch. I even went down and ate a full meal.

Chicken and rice. Yum!
Thanks to my trip being cut short by the airline, I had some thinking to do. I could either leave the next day, thereby never seeing any of the temples, or I could buy a single plane ticket for a day later. The former would mean my vacation basically consisted of seeing a museum and laying in a bed for five days. The latter would mean I had to spend a bit more money. After a lot of deliberation, I decided to buy the plane ticket. You only live once after all apparently.

The hotel gave me this weird fruit. I was worried it would kill me.

That night I felt way better, and I guessed that I would be able to make it the next day. My hotel had come with a free massage, so I finally decided to take them up on the offer. I've had a couple of massages in my day, one professional, but this one was both the best and the most odd that I've ever had.

The lady who gave me the massage was very nice. She spoke in English when we started, so I was under the impression that she spoke it well. She put me in all these weird positions to stretch me out. It was crazy! It started to get awkward when she was massaging the inside of my thighs though. Then she put the soles of my feet together and was pushing my legs down, stretching them up. Her face was right up in my face, with the rest of her basically all up in my crotch. We both smiled at each other in acknowledgment of the awkwardness. It had been about 20 minutes since we had spoken, so I decided to make a bit of small talk to make it easier. I asked where she learned to give massages, but she could not really understand me. I tried using easier words but to no avail. She just smiled and said that I have a nice nose, to which I laughed. We talked about that for a bit, her complaining about Cambodian men with flat noses, me complaining about my not-so-flat nose... Eventually, we ended the massage and I felt great. She was very talented at giving massages, even if it was different from what I had experienced before.

Feeling good and with one more night in town, I got in bed and waited for my last adventure in Cambodia to commence. Hopefully, my stomach would allow me to get through the tour with no problems...


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