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Philippines Vacation: Day Six

The ocean view from our room at the Peacock Garden
The time came for us to leave the Isola Bella Beach Resort. It had been pretty frustrating with very spotty service. It really shouldn't be so hard to find someone who is working anywhere. So we were not mad to leave at all. I knew the next place we were staying at was going to be fancy, that was my plan after all, but I had no idea what we would be in store from later that day...
The Isola Bella employee brought us all the receipts and gave us a total. It seemed really high, so Jackie started going over each one. Together, she matched up each meal with the price on the menu. There were many discrepancies. Most were in the resort's favor. However, we were actually undercharged for one thing too! It was just a huge mess. Eventually, we had the new total. They had overcharged us quite a bit.

When I went to pay, I took my credit card with me. Few places on Panglao Island took credit cards, but the resort had a sign that said it took Visa and Mastercard. However, when I took out the card, I was informed that the credit card machine was broken and being repaired. What an apt way to end a disappointing stay. Luckily, we had just enough cash to pay. I was banking on being able to use the credit card after seeing that sign. I don't know what we would have done if we hadn't had the cash.

The Isola Bella Beach Resort is simply a poorly run place.

The Peacock Garden
We paid for them to drive us to our next hotel, The Peacock Garden. I thought the place was near Alona Beach, but I was mistaken. It is actually on Bohol, near a town called Albuquerque. Ha!

As we pulled up to the massive gates that surrounded the Peacock Garden, the excitement began to build. The place was beautiful! The lawns were perfectly maintained, giant trees reached towards the sky, a mansion-like building greeted us with its big Roman pillars. A guard at the front doors took our bags, though I always try to help them, and set them down. We went in and went through the check-in process. They brought us drinks while we waited for all the information to be entered into the computer. The drinks were something with pineapple and topped with a cherry. Super tasty! Super classy!

We were given a tour of the grounds while being taken to our room. I had booked the Premier Room with a king bed and an ocean view. It. Was. Beautiful. Not only was the room large, everything looked fancy without being too over the top. From the balcony, we could see the infinity pool and the ocean off in the distance. Their website has many pictures, but those still do not do it justice. It is picturesque to the point of not seeming real.

Oh, but it is.

+Jackie laid out on the bed and looked at the menu for the spa. I made coffee, started downloading the newest episode of +Community, and emailed my mom. While we relaxed before lunch, we watched the tv. It is always a treat to be able to watch television because neither of us own one, much less a fancy, big flat screen! One program was a documentary about a guy who was tracking down counterfeiters in South America. We learned all about pickpockets and prostitutes who drug and rob people. It was intense! Then we watched a show about a man who escaped from prison.

Finally, we decided to head down. We wanted to go to the beach, but it was too far to get to. So we decided to take a dip in the pool. I had never seen an infinity pool before, but I remember getting an email from TripAdvisor about the best ones in the world. Basically, an infinity pool is a pool where the water goes right up to the edge of the pool. There is no real edge. They seemed cool and the Peacock Garden having one was a big draw for me.

Infinity pool fool!

I can't swim, but I can stand in the water.

The view of the ocean from the pool is a nice touch.

Relaxing before lunch
After swimming and relaxing in the pool for awhile, we took a seat poolside and relaxed some more. I took a nap and read news. Eventually, we ordered some lunch. It was amazing! Easily the best salad I've had in a long time. Jackie had already selected her massage and she had to leave. It was a three hour extravaganza! You would think something like that would be incredibly expensive, but it was a pretty normal cost for regular massage. Nice!

I went back to the room and watched NBA basketball on the tv. I wrote a blog post about our Christmas Day trip. The entire time I ordered room service. It was great! At one point, I went out to the balcony and wrote while the sun set.

Sunset from our room
When Jackie finished her massage, which included drinking wine in a bath filled with wine, we went down for dinner. The meal area is in a romantically lit, covered outdoor area. Again, the food was incredible. Dessert was even better. Jazz covers of popular songs played over the speakers the entire night. After eating, Jackie wanted to do her cool light painting photos by the pool. She hasn't posted them yet, but I saw them. They're fantastic!

The dining area is under that canopy

Jackie did some more light painting here.
We were leaving early the next morning, so we had to go pack after dinner. It had been a wonderful day, our last full day in the Philippines.
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