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Vietnam Wrap Up and Reviews

In our eight days in Vietnam, we slept at, ate at, and saw many things. There are still things we wish we could have experienced, but I don’t regret skipping anything. Thanks to recommendations from friends, coworkers, and the internet, we were able to have a great time. So what should you see? I'll show you!

Vietnam Vacation: Day Eight

[For a recap of our fun last day in beautiful Phu Quoc, read HERE. We went on a tour of the island and saw everything from wineries to a war/torture museum.]

It had finally come, our last day in Vietnam. I had set up our flights so we could have a long layover in Ho Chi Minh City. That way, we could experience the city without having to take away from relaxing in Phu Quoc or getting to know Hanoi. The bigger, more urban Ho Chi Minh City was less of a priority, so we decided we did not need to spend too much time there.

Early in the morning, we took the shuttle van out to the airport. Boarding the plane there, we were soon in Ho Chi Minh City. (From here on out, I'll call Ho Chi Minh by its older name: Saigon. It is used a lot in Vietnam anyway, plus it is easier to type)

Vietnam Vacation: Day Seven

[We had spent the day before we had massages on the beach, checked out a lighthouse with a temple attached, visited the nearby town, and made a new little friend at a bar]

Our seventh day in Vietnam, our third in Phu Quoc, started with a tour of the southern part of the island. We set it up through the night ght ce resort employee we had met on the first day at the Sea Star Resort (I believe his name was Khan). It was not expensive, and we wanted to see some more of the island. I figured a tour would be a nice way to see it.

However, the rain threatened to ruin our fun. The clouds and rain came and went the past two days, but these ones stayed around for nearly our entire tour. Torrents of rain crashed down around us as we jumped onto the shuttle bus and met our guide for the morning. We then set out to pick up a couple of other couples at another resort.