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Vietnam Vacation: Day Six

Bright colors are everywhere in Vietnam (but especially in Phu Quoc)

[Previously, we spent the our first day in Phu Quoc getting our bearings. It rained a ton from the moment we touched down, but we were still able to relax from our room's porch and get some great food.]

As day broke on our second full day on Phu Quoc, we decided to do some exploring. However, first, we needed some more relaxing. We planned to hit up the local market, check out the nearby town, and get a massage on the beach.

The beachside rooms at the Sea Star Resort
The massage was very cheap. We saw an advertisement for the service on a sign on the beach. I set it up and we showed up in the morning on the beach. Each of us had a chair and a masseuse. It sprinkled slightly during the massage, but the palm trees protected us from getting more than a couple of drops on us. While the massage felt good, the women kept talking to each other, and that took away from the relaxing experience. Nevertheless, we had a good time, especially for that price; it was a steal.

Next, we headed out to find some lunch. We settled on a local pizza place about 10 minutes from the resort. For some reason, I did not check into the place on Foursquare, so I forgot the name. However, we thought it was closed because there was nobody there. Luckily, Jackie poked her head in and they waved us inside. We were able to choose every topping for our pizza. In Seoul, pizza is all over the place, but it is very limited if you want anything special (and not weird, like potato pizza or onion on top of onion on top of onion pizza). It was stupidly tasty. I loved it.

Boats, and boats, and boats, and boats!

Next, we headed over to the local market to take some pictures. Unfortunately, the Dinh Cau Night Market is apparently only open at night (insane!), so we walked to the near by dock. This place had a pretty cool, unique temple right there, Cua Temple. It is at the base of a lighthouse. A couple of cats walk around as well. You can stand there and see way out into the ocean. The view is magnificent.

Fancy temple. Home to two cute cats.

Not only a temple, also a lighthouse!


The spectacular view from the temple.

After we visited the temple, we walked along the docks and into the nearby town. The town quietly went about its business during this tourist off season. Not many people walked the streets, making it much easier to take pictures without being subconscious about it. I love taking pictures, but sometimes I feel like I am using people's homes and lives as some sort of living park ride or a human zoo. It makes me feel kind of gross actually. (If you notice, I refrain from photographing people too often)

On the way back, we stopped to get a drink at a bar with a giant picture of Moe's Bar from the Simpsons on it. In fact, the place is called Moe's. The drinks were cheap and tasty. We stuck to mixed drinks. Everything was very bright and fruity. The bar was not crowded at all. The atmosphere was relaxed. Perfect really.

The best part of the whole place, though, was the service. We were convinced to go in by a little girl waving us in. Once inside, the adults were attentive to our requests and treated us well. The little girl hung around and we played with her for hours. I pretended to catch an invisible ball she pretended to throw at me for a long time.

My new best friend and I (courtesy of +Jackie Eckles)

That night we ran through the rain to go to a restaurant down the street from us. A man in a chef's hat had given us a flyer on the side of the road outside his restaurant the day before. Each time we walked by, he would smile and wave. He seemed so nice, so we decided to give him our business.

Making friends with the food.

Once inside what looked like a large tent, we were ushered up to the second floor. I was surprised they could even fit a second floor in that place. Somehow it seemed much larger than it appeared from the outside. We ordered fish, shrimp, and beer. The portions were generous, and the cost was, of course, super low. Another successful meal! As the storm rolled in and the rain poured down, we headed back to Moe's and then home for the night.

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