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Vietnam Vacation: Day Five

[You can read the previous day's entry HERE. It includes how we spent our one full day in Hanoi: cooking class, meeting a not nice person, checking out the sights, and eating, eating, eating]

It was finally our last day in Hanoi. Sadly, we packed our bags and trudged our way down to wait for the shuttle bus. The bus came around and collected us. While I had become used to traveling around the city by foot, I was in no way used to being in a motor vehicle. The bus driver drove like a maniac. I spent most of the trip looking out the window and freaking out as he narrowly missed running into many, many, many things.

We quickly moved through the security line. Actually, it was surprisingly easy. Coming from the United States, you have to take off your shoes, all metal objects, take your laptops out of any bags, dump out your liquids, and go through a metal detector or two. For this domestic flight, we put our stuff through a metal detector, but they just waved me through as I was trying to take off my belt. The line moved super fast. Nobody had to take off their shoes. It was nice.

Waiting for the shuttle van to pick us up on a rainy day at the Phu Quoc airport.
A short plane ride later, we arrived in Phu Quoc. It began pouring down rain minutes before we touched down. Welcome to the island! A man from our resort was waiting for us. He went to pull the van around as we waited by the covered curbside. He needed to run across the uncovered parking lot, getting pretty wet in the process. And even though we only had to get from the curb to the van when it was by the curb, we still were splashed on by the small current developing in the street.

See? I told you it was raining. Here I'm just cold taking pictures of the Phu Quoc airport from inside the shuttle van.

The ride to the resort took a short amount of time. The driver drove aggressively, but the streets were basically empty. It was a much calmer experience. As we pulled up to the resort, men came out to take our bags. Jackie and I ran to cover, though we still ended up soaked. Check in was quick and easy. We received our room keys and were lent umbrellas.

Sea Star Resort

I loved the room at the Sea Star Resort. It was nice and big. The bed was gigantic. We were yards away from the beach. Our covered patio had super comfortable chairs. The refrigerator had great Vietnamese beer and 7 Up for a dollar a piece. The television had a ton of English channels. The bathroom had a giant shower. It was great.

Our home for a few days (Courtesy of Jackie Eckles)

It was rainy for most of the time in Phu Quoc. But the beach was nice.

The tide coming in at Phu Quoc.

The ran began to subside, so we wanted to go find some food. There was a restaurant at the resort. We walked through the drizzle there. It was the rainy season in the south of Vietnam, and not many people go at that time. We had the restaurant to ourselves. The server was a very soft spoken man. He took our orders and then informed us he ran some local tours. We ended up speaking to him for a long time. He told us that he liked to practice his English with Americans because we have the best accents to learn with. The next day, he said he would come by to talk with us again.

The view from our room at the Sea Star Resort.

I sure liked the view!

We walked back to our room and relaxed. For the first time on a vacation, we stopped running around to experience everything and simply sat there and relaxed. On our covered patio, we sat together on comfortable, wooden lounge chairs totally protected from the rain. Jackie wrote some postcards and I read a book. She even found a dog to play with!

One of the two cute dogs who hung out on the beach.


Later, we headed out for dinner. I found a place on Foursquare that was about a mile away. We walked down the mostly empty streets. There were not many people out or driving at all. In fact, most of the places were rather dark.
The view from the restaurant (Courtesy of Jackie Eckles)

Night came by the time we found Sông Xanh Restaurant. They had venison and wild boar. I had never seen either in a restaurant before. I can not remember what I ordered, but it was good. The weird thing was, again, they put a giant piece of ice into our beer. I don't understand why they do that in Vietnam, but they do! At the table next to us, a bunch of businessmen were eating and drinking. They got really, really happy and began singing and toasting each other. It was loud! At one point they started singing... "Gangnam Style." I just can't get away from that song!

We sat by the open air side of the building and Jackie took some great pictures of the boats docked nearby. After dinner, we took a moonlit stroll back to our place and rested up for the next day.
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