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Vietnam Vacation: Day Six

[Previously, we spent the our first day in Phu Quoc getting our bearings. It rained a ton from the moment we touched down, but we were still able to relax from our room's porch and get some great food.]

As day broke on our second full day on Phu Quoc, we decided to do some exploring. However, first, we needed some more relaxing. We planned to hit up the local market, check out the nearby town, and get a massage on the beach.

Vietnam Vacation: Day Five

[You can read the previous day's entry HERE. It includes how we spent our one full day in Hanoi: cooking class, meeting a not nice person, checking out the sights, and eating, eating, eating]

It was finally our last day in Hanoi. Sadly, we packed our bags and trudged our way down to wait for the shuttle bus. The bus came around and collected us. While I had become used to traveling around the city by foot, I was in no way used to being in a motor vehicle. The bus driver drove like a maniac. I spent most of the trip looking out the window and freaking out as he narrowly missed running into many, many, many things.

We quickly moved through the security line. Actually, it was surprisingly easy. Coming from the United States, you have to take off your shoes, all metal objects, take your laptops out of any bags, dump out your liquids, and go through a metal detector or two. For this domestic flight, we put our stuff through a metal detector, but they just waved me through as I was tryi…