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Weather in Seoul

We have had some weather since I arrived in Korea in April. I have been through a drought, a heat wave and four typhoons. I am not used to typhoons for sure. The first two I am more than used to though. In Portland, I had to deal with fog, inches of snow and days of constant rain. I loved it. Here it is different each week.

Managing My Money

It is strange having money. Now, I am by no means rich, but I actually have enough money to have a budget. I used to make a budget in a way, however, it was mostly me trying to scrape enough pennies together to afford the least amount of everything it would take for me to survive. That is not exactly fun. It helped me get by I suppose.

Today, though, I get to move my money around! It is great! Maybe I want to pay off more of my debt; I will just go to the movies less this month. Want to eat out more? Perhaps I can pay off less of it. Or I can always look for deals. Either way, I get to plan out, organize and deal with my money in a way I have never had the opportunity to do before. And the internet makes it so much easier.

Jeju Vacation: Final Day

[The day before, Jackie and I experienced the best day/night during our vacation. It was all downhill from there! Well, perhaps, but only because it was such a great time. The wind and rain began to fall while we were out relaxing on a cliff, watching the sunset. Now the real storm began to come]

We were finally heading home. A typhoon hit early in the morning, but we had things to get done. While we packed I put on Little Steven's Underground Garage, my all-time favorite radio show. Then it was time to check out.

World Peace Festival and Massive Cult Gathering

Jackie and I had a great time Saturday. I will blog about the great place we ate at and the awesome pizza we made later. But for right now I want to write about what happened Sunday.

It all started Saturday when we were getting lunch in Itaewon. It is an area known for having a great deal of foreigners due to the US military base nearby. After eating we walked outside and waited to cross the street. Jackie went to take a photo and I stood at the crosswalk. While I was waiting, two Korean girls came up and offered to give me a free ticket to the World Peace Festival at Olympic Stadium on Sunday. I called Jackie over and the girls explained everything to the two of us. Lunch would be provided, a free shuttle bus would take us there and we would get a free shirt. The purpose of the festival would be to promote peace in conjunction with the United Nations'International Day of Peace.

We had no Sunday plans and, while at High Street Market earlier, we had heard John Lennon's "G…

Jeju Vacation: Day Four

[Previously, we had ventured out and had a rough time getting around the island. It left us frustrated, but we had a good time nonetheless. It really helped to be able to hike up a volcanic crater, hang out in a cave and watch the sunset from the beach.]

We had one full day of vacation left. So far, we had been having a good, albeit frustrating, time in Jeju, but we were determined to make this day the best of all. After another long night of using the internet to figure out the bus system...we found a site that, after you download a program, allows you to see the bus routes and plan your trip. That helped a ton.

Google Plus

I love Google. In fact, I use it constantly. I have an Android phone, I use Blogger for...blogging, Gmail for all my email needs, Picasa for organizing and editing my photos, Maps for navigating me around, search for everything, AdSense for making money from my blogs and videos, YouTube for showing my students videos and for uploading my own, Analytics for keeping track of visits to my blogs, Talk for instant messaging and phone calls. Chrome for internet browsing, Reader for checking my blog subscriptions, Drive for lessons plans, budgets and general documents, News for keeping up with what is happening around the world and, especially, in the United States, Latitude for tracking where I go (and letting Jackie know where I am), Music for keeping my music on the cloud and Calendar for scheduling. However, there is one Google product I am having a hard time getting into: Google Plus.