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Jeju Vacation: Day Two

[The previous day, we had done way too much. We arrived in Jeju, got some bikes, met a mean American, rode hours for hamburgers and sweated like crazy. It was time for some relaxing and some sightseeing.]

We woke up the next day in pain. Did you know that riding bikes is super painful? And it was not even soreness from using our "muscles;" it was pain from those dumb bike seats. Man, I was dying! Hoping back on the bike to ride to our days' adventures felt like being smacked in the head with a spiked baseball bat while being tasered, except on my butt. Fun times. We adjusted our seats to try to alleviate the pain. That helped a great deal, but the pain would remain for the rest of the day.

Jeongbang Waterfall

Jackie had been wanting to submerge herself in an ocean for a long time. She is from Florida and used to do that sort of beach thing all the time. I, however, did not even see an ocean until late last year. And even then it was super cold (thank you, winter on the Oregon coast), so there was no swimming to be had. Needless to say, being on an island should provide tons of beach opportunities. We had read that this other waterfall went right into the ocean, so we headed out that way. Biking.

The Jeongbang Waterfall was a rather short distance from our hostel. First off, it is easy to walk down to and was not crowded at all while we were there. The water falls from high above you and you are able to stand right in front of it. Facing the waterfall, you see trees and the cliff. Turn around and you see the smoothed rocks, the expansive, seemingly never-ending ocean, a islet covered in greenery and the stray ship or two. Photo opportunities abound.

We put our stuff down on a rock and found a nice, relaxed place away from everyone else. After taking our shoes off, we walked cautiously out a little further. The rocks were smooth and slippery. The sun might have been directly overhead of us, trying to beat us down, but the cool water made it ineffective. A silly photo session later, we decided to move on and explore the area some more.

Being a crazy monster who drinks all the water in Jeju

My pin-up model

Walking on water?

Dipping my feet in.

Seobok Museum

On our quest to find something else around the waterfall, we stumbled upon a nice trail that led to the Seobok Museum. The little trail and area around the museum are beautiful. It really is not that large, but there are areas to sit and rest out of the sun and a few ponds. Plus, there is a great viewpoint of the ocean from above the waterfall (though you can not see the actual waterfall from there).

Inside the exhibition hall, you can see the story of Seobuk, who was sent to Jeju to discover the fountain of youth. I know this from searching online. Unfortunately, though the titles of the pieces of art are in multiple languages, including English, the explanations are not. It was still fun to look at though. The actual exhibition hall is small and only takes 10-15 minutes to get through if you take your time, however, it is also completely free. All in all, we both enjoyed checking it out.

Lee Jung Seob Gallery

We decided to head out to eat. There was a street market that we heard good things about near the hostel. Walking in...well, we both knew it was a bad idea. Still, we persisted. Old Korean women sold food at shops all over the place. Multiple times we watch as one of them dropped produce on the dirty concrete, picked it up and put it back with the others. It smelled horrible. After searching for about 20 minutes, we decided to give up and try to bike somewhere else.

Eventually we found a Mr. Pizza. I had never eaten at one in Seoul, despite there being tons of them. It was a little expensive, but very good. The salad bar even had fruit salad! And we crushed up some cherries in Jackie's Pepsi so she could have her favorite soda, cherry cola! The plan was to eat and head out to a beach about 30 minutes away to watch the sunset. By the time we got the pizza and ate, we realized that would be out of the question. There was no way we could make it to the beach in time to actually enjoy it. At the earliest, we would get there with the sun nearly already set. Jackie was very disappointed. We would have to do it a different day.

There was something else she wanted to check out. A famous artist, Lee Jung Seob, once lived in the city where we were staying. There is a part of town that celebrates him with his art on tall lit up signs, a park and a museum. The museum was closed, but we could check out the park and the street with the signs. Before we got there, though, we saw the best street ever.

Super Mario in Korea! Oh, and if you look on the right side of the picture, you can see the streets are lined with those signs I was talking about. They are pretty cool to look at, especially at night. The park was great too, part normal park, part historical exhibit. And just like pretty much everywhere on Jeju, there were great viewpoints of the ocean.

The museum

Then we headed home and went to bed pretty early. The next day would be a pretty big adventure. And by that I mean, "awesome, but way frustrating."
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