Thursday, July 19, 2012

Nearly Three Months In

Waiting for the bus.
I'm still adjusting to everything in Seoul. The past week has been a stressful one. I was observed a couple of times by my superiors. It is always a drag to hear how terrible you are. They didn't actually word it like that, but I have a difficult time being criticized.

I have never been a teacher before and I guess I should assume there would be a learning curve, but I hate being bad at anything, much less my occupation. I felt like I was the best at Walmart, at the radio station (when I was Production Manager), as a dishwasher, etc. And now I don't feel that way. I feel like the worst and it is weighing on my mind. In fact, I think it even makes me a bad boyfriend. I'm too on edge...

This week in particular, I have been trying to play catch up and also relax. It has been unsuccessful so far. Those are competing notions. But Jackie has tried hard to keep me calm.

Walking the last few minutes to work.

To that end, I have gone hiking twice in the last two weeks, seen a movie, gone running a few times and downloaded more music. All of that has helped, but I'm still not feeling my best. I know I can do better, be better. Now I just have to prove that.

As far as work is concerned, I still like a lot of the kids. And I think some of them have become attached to me too. It's nice and it keeps me going, even through the tough days.
And on that positive note, I will go to sleep. Blogging from the phone is difficult.! I left my laptop at work...)