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Dinner and a Movie

On Saturday, Jackie and I decided to have a date night. We go to a lot of places together, but rarely do we go on traditional dates (or at least the kind you see in movies and tv shows). I wanted to see The Amazing Spider-Man and Jackie is a cool enough girlfriend to be fine with that as a fancy date night. Of course, actually getting to the date and then going on it would be a big adventure...

I had been in a bad mood and that caused me to not be very exciting all day. Despite that, Jackie, for some reason, still wanted to be around me. I will never understand that. (But it sure is a good thing) She wanted to get out of the house; I was being a downer though. Geocaching, a thing she has become interested in, meant going out in the heat and sun and getting sweaty and being around people and etc, etc. She eventually decided to just leave me there while she went to go do it.

After ten minutes I thought to myself that it is stupid to sit there while my fiance is out there doing something she has been excited to try. She wanted me to go with her but I was letting my poor attitude prevent that from happening. First I checked Google Latitude and saw where she was. Then I ran out of the apartment and down the stairs. I ran across the bridge and down to the river. I ran a quarter mile one way and, coming to a dead end, half a mile the other way. I went back to the street and ran some more. I ran up hills and through alleys. I realized she would be in the mountains and that I was running alongside the mountain instead of toward it.

By the time I realized that, I was in a neighborhood I had never been to and still had no idea where Jackie could be. I started to wind my way as directly towards the mountains as I could. Suddenly I was a really nice neighborhood. Now, it is no secret I dislike the general smell of the city, but this neighborhood smelled amazing! There were plants all over. Then I ran up an extremely steep hill, alongside what I can only imagine is a university, and found myself on a mountain.

I really had no way of knowing where I was on that mountain for sure. I had only been on it once and did not go very far. Now I kept hiking up and up and up.

Eventually I reached the top and it was beautiful. I could see all over the city. I could see N Seoul Tower, where I asked Jackie to marry me. A young couple asked me to take a picture of them. It is not every day I get spoken to in English by people I do not know, so I obliged. What else is there to do once you get to the top of a mountain? I had to go down.

By this point it had been two hours.

Lost and going on pure guessing, I ended up on the wrong side of the mountain. I knew how to get back to Jackie's apartment by bus, but I had no money to help me. So I walked. In Sinchon, I found a tourist map and decided to take a path through Ewha Women's University, a beautiful place to be sure, and cut a way directly to the highway that runs right past the apartment. Unfortunately, I did not realize that meant I would have to go back up that dang mountain again.

Though I was completely exhausted, I made it up, around and down the mountain and only had to walk a few more miles after that. I nearly collapsed once I got to Jackie's place. She gave me a glass of water with mint in it. I gulped it down like I had never had water before.

I highly recommend water with mint.

We got dressed up all nice and whatnot. The bus ride over to Sinchon (yes, I had been lost and stumbled right to the movie theater we would be going to later) took 20-25 minutes. First we wanted to eat something, so we walked around the area. There are a few universities surrounding the area with all the restaurants and there were a ton of people milling about.

A couple of laps around the neighborhood later, we settled on a hamburger place/bar, Yaletown. The place did not have too many people in it when we arrived. Looking at the menu, Jackie and I were instantly drawn to the nachos. We used to always eat nachos in Portland. (And the one time she came to Las Cruces, back when I was living there, I took her to get nachos at High Desert Brewery) Jackie loves to get cherry cola, that means a cola with geraldine in it. The waitress said it was okay but later came back to inform us it would cost as much as the normal cola PLUS the cost of a shot. That is ridiculous, geraldine has no alchohol in it. Jackie decided against it. She has ordered that at numerous places before and it always has cost us just the price of a soda. Oh well.

The nachos were good. Portions in Korea tend to err on the side of small, but this place served us a very healthy amount. Yay! I missed eating nachos. The entire meal ended up being pretty cheap too, considering how much we ate. Alas, it was time to go. I spent most of the time complaining about the music. There was a song with the only lyrics being "I want you to fuck me like a robot." I can only imagine Marvin Gaye, writer of "Let's Get It On," is rolling over in his grave. What the hell is that? Then there was the Akon song "Beautiful" that played. The chorus was "You're so beautiful/So damn beautiful." And that's it. Those were pretty much the lyrics over and over. It was horrible. Of course I started to make fun of it. Jackie said the lyrics were dumb, but it had a good beat to dance to. Anyway, what would I play if I had a club? I said I would play rock 'n' roll. She asked what I would do if people wanted to grind in my club. I answered, "Well, they can all get the hell out of my club." You know, because I am a jerk.

Besides, I would much rather dance to this than to something that makes me want to throw up forever and ever and/or punch everyone within arm's reach:

Still, Jackie humored me and we left for the Megabox (aka the movie theater). It is on the fourth or fifth floor (I can not exactly remember) floor of a building. We purchased our tickets and waited for the movie to start. The theater was pretty basic for a major theater. I suppose I would say the seats were more comfortable, that was the only difference. Once the commercials ended, a screen popped up saying some "film company presents"...and then a film started. I figured it was a short film before the movie. The longer it went, however, the more I began to suspect it was the actual movie. There was a guy dressed as a girl doing karaoke... The acting was horrible. This was definitely not The Amazing Spider-Man.

Jackie could not walk because her feet hurt thanks to her fancy shoes (which were promptly thrown away after getting home), so she pressured me to go ask if we were given tickets to the right movie. I felt reluctant to go, there is the language barrier and I simply did not want to bother with it. But the longer the movie went on, eventually we sat there for probably ten minutes, the less I could put it off. I decided to head to the box office and get to the bottom of it.

The girl who sold us the tickets did not speak English very well, so she got her manager to speak to me. That lady did not speak English especially well, however, she spoke well enough for us to understand each other. The girl who sold us the tickets had pushed the wrong button and given us tickets to the wrong movie. Great. We could not read the ticket (only the movie screen number made sense, it was the number 8). Oh well. The manager had her print out the right ticket and I ran to grab Jackie and take her to the right screen. We sat down right as the movie began. At 12:30 in the morning.

I liked the movie a lot. Tobey Maguire was absolutely horrible and got worse as the other Spiderman series went on. Plus, Sam Raimi and his Three Stooges humor simply was not funny. Spiderman is supposed to be witty and funny! I always have felt a "bond" with Spiderman because, as a child, he always seemed like a thing I could be, as strange as that seems. I could never be as big as Batman or Superman, but Spiderman, the skinny kid, was attainable. And Maguire and Raimi ruined him, especially by the third movie.

However, this new one was pretty good. I liked everyone in it. Spiderman was funny. The movie was not completely dependant on CGI sequences. Peter Parker, this time played by Andrew Garfield, and his love interest, Gwen Stacy, played by Emma Stone, have great chemistry. The Lizard is actually a scary villain for Spiderman to face. During the more intense scenes, Jackie would cling to my arm. It reminded me of when we watched the last three episodes of The Walking Dead while we lived in Portland.

By the time we got out of the movie it was past three in the morning. We were both exhausted. A taxi picked us up, since public transit had stopped running, and took us to Jackie's apartment. It was not too long before we both collapsed. All the hiking had me ready to fall apart. But all in all, it was a great night.
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