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Let's Go Do Exciting Things Today

And now we have a wedding to go to. Great. I was already exhausted from the travel and everything, but I had to go hang out with a bunch of people I have never met. It would turn out to be a pretty great day though.

As morning broke, Jackie and I hung out for a little bit before heading to her apartment. I had seen it many times while we chatted online, but this would be the first time seeing it in person. We walked up the huge hill that she talked so much about. We got ready for wedding and headed out. At the bottom of the hill, I met some of her fellow teachers. After signaling for a taxi, we rode to the church.


Catholic Church in Korea

I had no idea what a church in Korea looks like. There were a few buildings with neon crosses around. Those did not really look like the churches I am used to. Neon? Seriously? But this place looked alright. It was a Catholic wedding. I have been to a few weddings, but I am pretty sure they have all been Catholic ones. I had no idea what to expect.

In CCD classes (Sunday school) for many years, we were always told Catholic masses were essentially the same no matter where in the world you were. The inside of the church looked like any church I have been to. Nothing out of the ordinary. The wedding itself was very close to all the ones I have attended. There were a few cultural things that accounted for about a 5% difference in what I am used to. After the mass there was a photo session inside, outside and then a reception.

The reception was alright. It had a ton of food. No beans or brisqet though. Come on! How do you have a large gathering of people and have no beans? Oh, right. It is Korea...

The food tasted really good though. There was only one thing I did not like. The most difficult part was using chopsticks. I am not good at those things. Fail for me. I eventually figured it out after much trepidation. Then I ate a delicious strawberry.


Namsan Tower

What else should we do for our first weekend together in Korea? Well, we decided to head to N Seoul Tower to "lock our love." People go to the top of the Tower, a Space Needle type building (and we had already been to the actual Space Needle in Seattle) on a mountain, with their significant other and lock a lock on one of the fences at the top. I suppose it signifies something about love being forever? Or being chained to the other person! (But in a positive way)

Boy, was it ever crowded... We ate some hamburgers because I always eat hamburgers. There was a cultural thing going on, but we did not stick around to watch it. Too many important things to do.


Getting Engaged

We took our little lock out there and I found a good place to put it. Jackie and I locked it up there and, of course, took pictures. Each of us has a key to it. Then we had to hike down the mountain. A little while down, I took Jackie aside, ostensibly to show her something cool. I asked her to marry me. No getting down on one knee, mostly I just whispered. She said yes because, um, who wouldn't want to marry me? (Except literally everyone else ever) She seemed pretty excited about the whole thing though! So lucky me! Hell yeah!

Then we went to Outback Steakhouse to celebrate and it cost us a billion dollars but was still pretty tasty so who really cares you know, and we were happy, and we are happy, and it was a good day. The end.
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