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Positives and Negatives

It's been about six weeks in and I have a couple observations about Seoul, Korea, both good and bad. I will not include stuff that involves Jackie because, obviously, that is all good. This is simply observations about the city itself. First, the good!

Let's Go Do Exciting Things Today

And now we have a wedding to go to. Great. I was already exhausted from the travel and everything, but I had to go hang out with a bunch of people I have never met. It would turn out to be a pretty great day though.

Arriving in Korea

I realize I have not posted for quite some time. Things have been a bit crazy; what, with all the changes and all. The last time I posted I was in the Portland International Airport waiting for my flight to Seoul via San Francisco. That day I was not in a very good mood. Everything was weighing on my mind, all those changes.