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Update on Korea, Catface and Being the Easter Bunny

Also, just an update in general.

I was tentatively supposed to be in Korea on the 15th of April. It looks like I won't hit that mark. The hold up is my visa. In order to get the visa, I had to send my signed contract, some passport photos, an apostilled FBI background check, an apostilled copy of my NMSU diploma and a health survey to Korea. (A great resource for preparing the paperwork to teach ESL in Korea can be found HERE. It was a great help to me) The school is sponsoring my visa. So I should be getting a visa number real soon here, which I can then send to the Korean consulate in Seattle. Then I'll be all set to leave. The school will buy my plane ticket and I'll be off. But right now I'm just waiting to get that number. It is frustrating to wait for sure, but I know this is just the normal process. Patience...

In the meantime, I am looking for a home for Catface Meowmers in either Portland, El Paso or Las Cruces. He is such a great cat. I feel terrible having to let him go, but it isn't fair to him to be moving to so many different places. I want him to have a great home. A stable home. Last week I took him to be neutered at Tigard Animal Hospital. The staff was nice, although I did not get to meet the actual doctor. All the nurses thought his name was hilarious. They literally laughed each time it was said. When I got home I was instructed to keep him from doing anything strenuous, like running and jumping. Suddenly this ridiculous little orange cat wearing a collar with a heart dangling from it comes up to my back glass door and starts hissing at Catface. He freaks out! This...thing is taunting him and won't stop! Catface was running and jumping all over the place, looking to kill that dumb cat. It was so tiny too. It thought it was real tough, but whenever I opened up the door, it would run and hide underneath the boards of my patio. So I grabbed the water bottle, ran out my front door and around the apartment building wearing shorts and a wife beater, and surprised the cat, spraying him and chasing him across the complex. He didn't come back. Poor Catface. He did not need that extra stress. Nor did I. I was already exhausted.

And here is why I was exhausted: I've been the Easter Bunny for the last few weeks. After being laid off at World Market, along with all the seasonal employees, I found a job at Olive Garden. They promised me 40 hours a week and only delivered on about 22. After a month, I simply got sick of it and quit. Stupidly. That is a mistake I won't make again. A lack of money forced me to be a burden on my parents. They helped and I was fine, but I hate doing that. A couple weeks later I found a job "on-call" at Macy's, but they never needed me. They told me it is there slow season. And a little over two weeks ago I stumbled upon a job at the Washington Square Mall to be the Easter Bunny. I took it.

You would think sitting there would not be a big deal. But the suit is so uncomfortable and hot, that it really takes a toll on you. The positive thing is the amount of hugs you get from little kids, seeing them light up just to meet you, excitedly jumping around, giving you letters, etc. One kid, a boy of about eight, hugged me for well over a minute. He didn't even get pictures, his mother didn't want any, but he would not stop hugging. I felt bad. He looked rather depressed. He needed a hug.

Another fun part of the job was holding infants and babies (who wouldn't scream...). Little babies would fall asleep in my arms. The babies who wouldn't scream always looked amazed at this giant fluffy toy. I also got to take pictures and cashier. Cashiering was fun because I got to be all charming and whatnot. It took me a couple of days to remember how to do that. But the last few times I cashiered I made the parents laugh and made small talk like I was a natural at being personable.

And yet, there some things I did not like. Maybe two of my coworkers I did not particularly enjoy (most of them I greatly liked though). Some of the parents I did not like. One lady told her young daughter when she asked where their dad was, "Your dad is buying a bunch of wine because you force him to drink." Ugh.

Finally, I bought a laptop earlier today. The Sony Store in the mall closed. There was not enough time for me to order a laptop from the Sony online store and I can not take my desktop to Korea with me, it's too big. While looking on the Google shopping search, I found Best Buy had a couple of Sony models. I went to go check them out. I figured I would be approved for some financing and be able to pay it off in a few months. The Sony models there were terrible. The salesperson tried to sell me on a couple other brands. I probably would have bought one too, but I was denied any financing. ANY. They said my debt-to-income ratio was too low. I have never been denied financing or credit in my life. It was so embarrassing. (I bought my desktop for $999. I had zero payments for twelve months with no interest if it was paid in full by then. And I did just that) So...forget you Best Buy.

Amazon approved me for $800 at zero percent for twelve months. I bought a Toshiba Portégé R835-P94 13.3-Inch Laptop (Magnesium Blue) for $729.99. It looks pretty good. It is scheduled to be here by Thursday. I can't wait. I already bought an external hard drive with 500 gbs and transferred all my stuff to it. This desktop computer will be given to my parents, who desperately are in need of a new computer. (And it is funny, to me at least, that Best Buy is quickly falling apart while Amazon is fantastically succeeding, yet, Amazon will take a chance on me and Best Buy won't. Good job losing you guys sales. Geez. My great credit rating was not enough for you dummies)

Okay. That is all for tonight. Hopefully I'll have better news the next time I post. Here is one last photo of Catface Meowmers being cute and sleeping.

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  1. I somehow wondered onto your site, maybe it was the photo of the Sandia Mts. that lured me here. I adore Catface. I really hope you find a good home for him. If I didn't already have four cats of my own, I'd offer to drive to Cruces from Albuquerque to adopt him. Good luck. He is such a beautiful cat, I would expect that many people would love to adopt him.

    1. He is such a great cat! I found a home for him with my brother in El Paso. Thanks!


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