Saturday, April 21, 2012

Another Road Trip: Part Three

[The day before, Catface and I drove through Utah and managed to get lost. We ended up in Arizona before being guided by Jackie into New Mexico. Catface is so bad with directions. I just can't trust that cat.]

I woke up at around ten. That means a good six hours of sleep this time. Yay. Catface jumped around. He liked having some space to stretch out. Plus we were on the second floor, so he could look out the window and watch all the people, cars and animals moving around out there. The bed was super comfy and he slept next to in between bursts of running around. I played spider solitaire before heading downstairs.

It was around lunchtime now and my aunt wanted to take me out before I left. We decided on Dion's because I had never been there. It was pretty good. They serve sandwiches and pizza. I got a slice of pizza with ground beef on it. I've never seen that before so I had to try it.

We talked for awhile, but I had to leave to El Paso. The next morning I had to fly back to Portland and that left little time to see family. The drive to El Paso is so easy compared to the drive through Idaho and Utah. I've made this journey dozens of times (and between Las Cruces and El Paso hundreds). The sun set as I entered Las Cruces. I miss seeing that.

Driving past Aggie Memorial Stadium in Las Cruces
He just hung out back there for a long time.
I arrived in El Paso and took Catface upstairs to live with my brother. He used to be my roommate when I was given Catface (who was nameless at the time) and it was the best option I could find. Then I headed back downstairs to talk to my mom and everyone else who happened to stop by.

The whole thing was kind of awkward. I got there a lot later than I was supposed to and I could tell mom was annoyed. Plus I wouldn't be there for very long and this was the only time I would see them, probably for well over a year. It was a bit tense. Oh well. It ended up relaxing after a little while.

The reason I got the earliest flight out was because I did not know when I would have my visa. Once I get that I will be flying to Korea. So I had to buy my ticket from El Paso in advance without knowing if I would need to be in Portland on Tuesday or later. It turns out I didn't need to leave so soon, but that's just the way everything played out.

I awoke on the couch and got ready to go to the airport. My sister came with me so she could take the car back. I turned over the keys to her and went inside to check my luggage. Of course I flew Southwest. They have such an easy process to do everything even though it always seems like they are the busiest.

Going through security at the airport is always easy too. I've never had a bad experience really. Not even close. The security people are always very nice to me. I don't know. Anyway, I forgot my bag as I was putting my shoes and belt back on after they went through the x-ray. I ran back and grabbed them. I was still half an hour from boarding. There was plenty of space on the plane to Phoenix.

Good ol' El Paso International Airport...

In Phoenix I got lunch. I wanted some pizza from Pizza Hut, but it was something like $8 for a slice! What? That's ridiculous. So I got a little, cheap hot dog. It didn't even come close to filling me up.

The plane ride to Portland was packed, but the people next to me were nice. While I was in the air I remembered I had not said bye to Catface. That started eating away at me so I watched Anchorman on my laptop to distract me. I had only seen parts of it before. Steve Carell had me actually laughing out loud. Then people would look at me funny... Meh. He is way too funny in that movie. And all the time. Honestly, he was the reason why I would watch it again.

And then, carless, catless, I arrived back in Portland. I had to take the MAX (train) to downtown and then a bus from there to my apartment. It took about an hour and twenty minutes. Fun, fun, fun. When I got up to leave the bus I dropped a suitcase on a lady I've ridden the bus with before. She wasn't hurt or anything. Smooth move, me. Smooth move.

Finally I was home. It was quiet. There was no longer a cat to jump in my lap and sleep there for hours. Ugh. But I have time to wait now for my visa to come back so I can leave and start my new life in Korea.
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