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Leaving America

I'm sitting in the Portland International Airport right now waiting for my flight to San Francisco. From there it is on to Seoul, my new home. I have no idea where my apartment will be as of right now. This whole thing is crazy.

Another Road Trip: Part Three

[The day before, Catface and I drove through Utah and managed to get lost. We ended up in Arizona before being guided by Jackie into New Mexico. Catface is so bad with directions. I just can't trust that cat.]

I woke up at around ten. That means a good six hours of sleep this time. Yay. Catface jumped around. He liked having some space to stretch out. Plus we were on the second floor, so he could look out the window and watch all the people, cars and animals moving around out there. The bed was super comfy and he slept next to in between bursts of running around. I played spider solitaire before heading downstairs.

Another Road Trip: Part Two

[In the last post, Catface and I cleared out the apartment and left for Jerome, Idaho for the night on the first leg of our trip back to El Paso, Texas. Well, I did the packing, he mostly watched me, supervised I suppose. We have a planned 14.5 hour drive ahead of us this time]

I woke up at nine in the morning, four hours after finally going to sleep. Catface Meowmers kept jumping all over me. Since he was neutered, the morning has become his favorite play time. That is a great improvement over him going crazy at two in the morning.

Another Road Trip: Part One

Now that I am moving to Korea, I have to make a few lifestyle changes. The major one is not having a car anymore. I've had one since I was 18. The other one is not having Catface Meowmers by my side. That really hurts. I have had him for nearly two years now. I will write a longer post about him later, hopefully in the next couple of days. But for now I think I'll describe how I altered these two aspects of my life.

Update on Korea, Catface and Being the Easter Bunny

Also, just an update in general.

I was tentatively supposed to be in Korea on the 15th of April. It looks like I won't hit that mark. The hold up is my visa. In order to get the visa, I had to send my signed contract, some passport photos, an apostilled FBI background check, an apostilled copy of my NMSU diploma and a health survey to Korea. (A great resource for preparing the paperwork to teach ESL in Korea can be found HERE. It was a great help to me) The school is sponsoring my visa. So I should be getting a visa number real soon here, which I can then send to the Korean consulate in Seattle. Then I'll be all set to leave. The school will buy my plane ticket and I'll be off. But right now I'm just waiting to get that number. It is frustrating to wait for sure, but I know this is just the normal process. Patience...