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Seattle Adventure: Part Two

[The previous day, Jackie and I had seen Pike Place Market, the Space Needle, Experience Music Project and seen Theophilus London at the Neptune Theatre. It was tons of fun. Now, I bring you the last day we spent in Seattle.]

We had been lucky to have a sunny day out first day in town. That night it had started raining and had not stopped much the next morning. After meandering around a bit, we had stayed up rather late the night previous after all, Jackie and I headed out to see the Fremont Troll around noon. Now, growing up in the desert, the dry, dry desert, I learned to appreciate clouds and rain. It is beautiful to me. So a rainy day in no way dampens my spirits. It, in fact, puts me in a great mood.

We arrived in the Fremont area, found some parking at the side of the road, and started searching for this troll. I have no idea where Jackie heard of this thing; I certainly never had. After a bit of wandering, we found it. The Fremont Troll is a piece of art under the Fremont Bridge. It is big. It is funny looking. It is awesome. There was some construction going on in the area, but that did not prevent us from descending to the bottom of the bridge. One other group was down there and they left a few minutes after we arrived. Pictures were taken. Jokes were made. We moved on. Both of us were hungry and it was lunch time.

One of Jackie's friends had recommended we visit Elliott's Oyster House before we left. Okay. Sounds good. The restaurant is on the dock. We arrived and were seated immediately. Not many people were inside. Of course, a group of police officers were later seated next to us. Police always make me nervous, despite my never doing anything. I thought we were a bit under dressed for this place, but nobody treated us as if we were.

Our table was next to the window with a great view of the ships coming in and leaving. The server proved to be exceptionally nice and helpful. Neither of us had tried oysters before and he offered us a free sample, including telling us how to eat them. I really liked the oyster, Jackie did not as much. Either way, we sat there and ate the tasty food and joked and had a good time. Being in love is nice.

Hunger satiated, we had no plans for the rest of the day. One option was to do a driving tour of the surrounding area. But that would use up so much gas and time... We decided to simply walk up and down the waterfront aimlessly. So we did. It sounds boring, but it was a good chance to talk and enjoy each others' company.

We walked forever before deciding to turn around. The path had ended and we were at the time following the railroad tracks. Instead of walking back exactly the same way, we went up a few blocks and started back. Again, tons of construction. Suddenly I noticed we were walking towards the Seattle Seahawks stadium. That became the second professional stadium I'd seen.

Eventually winding our way back to our starting point, we had some time to kill remaining. Why not keep exploring? And I am glad we did. Not only did we see some awesome goats underneath the highway, we got to see a drug deal behind the buildings. Excitement. We has it. But seriously, the goats caught both of us off guard. There they stood on the hill, like fools, eating. Luckily we ran into a television reporter and asked him what was going on. He said the goats were used to keep the place looking nice. They eat, they hill looks okay, everybody wins. The reporter seemed very happy to talk to take a break from lounging against the news van, eating his Goldfish crackers to talk to us. I didn't catch his name, but he was a pleasant enough fellow.

Goats are crazy. Anyway, he walked across the street to the docks and hung out by the water. An Asian business man walked out onto the public access dock, stood in the middle of it and walked away. Strange. All the rails along that pier are tagged. It seems like most of it is a long poem. I didn't read it all. Before we left the area, we walked over to an antique store to check things out. The first time we went to an antique store was well before we started dating. Jackie came out to Las Cruces and we had a great time getting to know each other. That seems like ages ago now. This store, though, was also fun. I bought a few records for pretty cheap. Then we drove to another part of town for our last stop before leaving Seattle for good.

There was one last stop we had to make, a park. I can't remember what park it was, but it overlooked the downtown area. The view was perfect. Unfortunately, it happened to be pretty cold and we didn't spend too much time hanging out. On the way home, we listened to tons of Theophilus London. Our last meal on the trip consisted of Arby's, which I love. Somehow I made her crack up and she would not stop laughing. It was the best of times.

Night fell again and the lights of Portland came to life in the distance. We made it back in one piece, a lifetime full of memories and happiness to spare. There were still many adventures to be had ahead of us.
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