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Portland Art Museum

A week after Seattle, Jackie and I went on a date to the Portland Art Museum. Jackie had been in town longer than I, but she had never been to the museum, while I had when I came to town to check out the place. I greatly enjoyed it the first time and I knew it would be much more fun with her there. She knows all about art (something I do not really know about). In March of 2011, we went to the El Paso Museum of Art and she knew everything. Even more than the tour guide!

Last time I had gone I was alone and I took the bus. That meant I had no idea about the parking. Some event was happening nearby and the whole lot near the museum was packed. We ended up parking a few blocks away and walking. Since we walked from a completely different direction than I had, plus it being dark, I mistook the annex building for the main museum. The second we walked inside I felt discombobulated; nothing looked like I remembered. A gentleman, who I assume was an usher, informed us the museum was just next door. Apparently, that building was hosting a fancy fundraiser/dinner. Older, well dressed people kept walking into the ballroom in front of us.

So I quick walk a bit further yielded the museum. We entered through the back and walked up to the front desk to pay. It seemed like we probably could have gone upstairs and nobody would have noticed, meaning we wouldn't have had to pay. But we did and it was no big deal. The main floor contains whatever special exhibit is happening and also a great deal of Asian art, including some very, very old stuff. It is very interesting, particularly to me. I took a few East Asian history classes in college and grew interested in the region.

However, the museum exhibits a wide range of art. There is seemingly something for everyone. The building is a bit confusing, but everything is displayed beautifully and organized well. As expected, Jackie gave me a few lessons on the pieces she knew about. I am always impressed that she knows so much about art.

John the Baptist (something I actually knew about without needing an explanation)

This one is huge.

This thing freaked me out. It is so lifelike. When I first saw it, I thought it was a person. So I ignored it for awhile (oh, some weird person is just sitting there...) Then I realized it was art. Wow!

The multimedia pieces are fun. And trippy. I enjoy them. Repeating video and sound. Cool stuff.
We had to rush through the museum because it was getting close to closing time. I would have liked to take our time, but that's what we get for deciding to do things at the last second. There is so much to see. Oh well, another time perhaps.

All that art made us both hungry! Jackie wanted to take me to a the Last Thursday street fair on Alberta Street. She claimed there would be great food cart food there. I was more than happy to try it out. Plus it sounded like quite the fun scene. However, we got there and it was not what she had experienced the last few times she had been. Disappointing for sure, but expected. It was getting rather cold out by that part of the month.

Okay. So we needed a new plan. I love pizza. Apizza Scholls it was then. There was a good amount of people there when we arrived, but we were immediately able to get a table. A great table, by the way, next to the large windows. We ordered and waited a bit to get the food. Nothing crazy, but we were sooooooo hungry! I was happy to get the pizza finally.

We had a pizza where each half was a different type. What each type was escapes me for the moment, but each was good. Really good. I loved it. We chatted up our server after dinner. The place had cleared out and they were ready to close. He was a nice guy. And we headed home. The next day would be another adventure: driving up and down the Oregon coast, also the first time I would see an ocean.
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