Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March Madness

It is March yet again (it seems to come up every twelve months or so...). That means basketball, basketball and more basketball. I love playing it, watching it on tv and watching it in person. That is why I am especially excited about this March.
  1. NMSU is in the NCAA Tournament again. We face the Indiana Hoosiers in the first round. Although we are underdogs, there are a couple reasons to think we have a good chance to pull out the upset. For one, the Aggies are a senior-laden team full of previous March Madness experience (two years ago they came very, very close to upsetting Michigan State, who would go on to the Final Four). Also, we match up well with Indiana. Three point shooting is their specialty, but the Aggies are great at defending against the three. And we are a big, athletic team.  Most importantly, we have Wendell McKines and nobody else does. Here's to hoping NMSU can do it. (It looks like Vegas thinks we have a chance too) Go Aggies!
  2. The game is being played in Portland. That means I get to go! My parents are buying me a ticket for my birthday. I can not wait. My plan is to eat at Spirit of 77, a great sports bar near the venue that Jackie and I went to a while back. I'll be sure to take a ton of pictures and blog about everything.
  3. The NBA trade deadline is close and there could be some real interesting moves made (or not, who even knows anymore).
  4. I found a basketball court within walking distance from my apartment.
Okay. That is about it. But...here is a video of a great March day in NBA history. On this day, 27 years ago, Larry Bird crushed the Atlanta Hawks. That guy could shoot. Dang. After I watched the video I wanted to head right out and work on my mid-range jumpers.

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