Monday, February 27, 2012

Things Overheard (Or Just Regular Heard) at Olive Garden

I started working at Olive Garden a couple weeks ago. Mostly I bus tables, but I also occasionally make salads and wash dishes (supposedly I will start baking breadsticks too). The job is okay and my coworkers, aside from two, are very kind and understanding. I bussed tables a few years ago at Village Inn, but here I have to carry a tray with the dirty dished on it...with only one hand...balancing... It is difficult! I do not like that part of the job. Plus I am still recovering from my broken hand. That makes it even more challenging.

Anyway, these are some of the things I have heard while working there.

Server: [Explains new items on menu]
Middle-aged man: Oh yes, I've heard of that on the Ray Romano Program.

Young girl: [Impressively describes a solution to a problem that she should probably be too young to understand]
Father: You're thinking like a boy. If you thought like a girl you'd just go, "Hm..."

Server: I was really stoned and biking home a few years ago and I hit a midget with my bike. It was dark.

Older (Guatemalan) busser to me: When you see a Mexican family don't set wine glasses at the table. They are poor and stupid and never buy wine.

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