Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Time Is Here Again

Every year this thing "Christmas" happens. Most every year I end up going to New Mexico to visit family. This year has been no exception. However, I live in Portland now so I had to fly to Albuquerque first.

When I was getting ready to fly, I decided to dress up like if I was on Mad Men or something. I combed my hair real nice with a part, put on slacks and a shirt and busted out my skinny tie. Perfect. In the airport I noticed nobody else dresses up to fly. At all. At least not during Christmas. I stuck out like a sore thumb. (Especially to the 40+ year old stewardess who winked at me as I was getting off the plane...)

I had a layover in Las Vegas, McCarran International Airport, for a couple hours. And, wouldn't you know it, they have slot machines in the airport... Crazy. A couple people played them periodically, not too much.

In Albuquerque there was still snow on the ground. Strangely, it has been snowing a lot this year. I keep reading Facebook posts from my friends in the area and that is all they talk about. I'm really jealous. I stayed at my aunt's house in Rio Rancho that night.

The next day my dad and sister came to pick me up take me to Farmington. Again, there was snow periodically covering the ground, though not the streets fortunately. Along the way I had the chance to talk to my dad for a long time. That is always nice and it hadn't happened, really, since I left in October.

In Farmington we usually go to Midnight Mass. Occasionally it will be snowing when it is over. This time it didn't snow much, however, it was still peaceful and nice. The next day we opened presents (obviously). I got a bunch of books and some dvds and some shirts. That is pretty much what I get every year, but it is also pretty much all I want every year. I like having a collection of books and dvds and I always need shirts, so it works out great.

The rest of the day is dedicated to watching basketball and sometimes a college football bowl game, but mostly the NBA. We ate a big lunch again. I love these lunches, especially since I stopped being really anti-social. I've been sitting at the same chair for most of my life now when I'm in that house. I'm a sucker for tradition. And the best part is every year I drink a few Pepsis. Tasty, tasty Pepsi. After eating I went outside to snap a few photos. It was a nice sunny day. You probably can't tell it was actually kind of cold.

The next day I had to leave. My family was to drive me to Albuquerque so I could fly back to Portland. The drive is great. New Mexico has such amazing photo opportunities everywhere. From the moving car I got a couple decent ones.


On the way, we stopped in Bernalillo to eat some Pizza Hut. That is my favorite pizza chain. Yay. For. Me. I, of course, found a typo on the Pizza Hut menu (which actually has a pretty good story about the founding of the restaurant). See if you can find it!

And after that we drove another thirty minutes to the Albuquerque International Sunport. I guess the sun flies there a lot? I don't know. Along the way, we passed a hot air balloon. It's New Mexico, so of course. Then everyone said goodbye and I was heading back to my new home in Tigard, Oregon.

In Portland, I was worried I had lost my parking ticket/pass thing. I thought that I would have a bunch of trouble getting out because of that. This was the first time I had done long-term parking and I had no idea what to expect. A shuttle bus took us to the parking lot. I was in the lot furthest away and it took quite a while. At the end, the only people in the bus with me were a lady and her two cute kids. When I got off, the younger one said bye to me, which was nice. I walked to my car, hoping to find the ticket, and lo and behold, there it was. Lucky. All that was left was the drive to my apartment.
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