Thursday, September 22, 2011

Adventures in Driving Home

I park on the street now because there are too many cars to park in the driveway. That's not a big deal really. But last night something happened which disturbed me.

Work for me ends at 8 p.m. generally. After picking up some things at Walmart, I got home at about 8:45. A lady, most likely in her mid-to-late 40s, was out for a walk on the sidewalk by where I park my car. She wore sweat pants, a tank top and cross training shoes. I put on my turn signal and pull up to "my spot" and she is about 15 feet away. She turns and sees me in the car. Suddenly she looks startled and begins to run.

It made me feel like crap. I do not think I look like a criminal or a threat. So then it would appear that she was running simply based on the fact that I am a man near her at night. Is that the world we live in, where a woman has to fear for herself when near a man she does not know in a neighborhood? (It is not as if the neighborhood is even in the ghetto or something. It is a normal, middle class place) I suppose it is. (Everything I read and see confirms it is) And I hate that.

I wanted to yell, "I'm just going home! You don't have to be afraid, damn it!" Instead I walked to my house. But I was mad. Mad at the situation. Mad that she was walking alone at night instead of during the evening or during the morning when people are out. Mad that men have done such horrible things that the thought that I would attack her even existed.