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Third Grade Letters to Me, 1994

We had to write letters to each other in the third grade at O'Shea Keleher Elementary. Then our teacher, Mrs. Bailey put them into a book. I just found it. Here they are (without editing):

June 21, 1994

Dear J.D,

J.D. your a fantastic person with alot of capability. Your capability is enormus. Your great at classwork. Your also good at sports. My favorite sport is basketball. Whats your favorite sport? Your fun to play with. I've learned alot from you. Barney stupied don't you think? You hate the song didn't you. I figured it out when we were sitting next to Kimberly. Do you remember. I hope I see you when I'm older. :)


June 16, 1994

Dear, J.D.,

You have been a good friend to me. We got to play backetball a lot of times. Do you remember when you where afraid to shoot the ball. Now you can shoot two pointers. You would be amazet of the shots I mayed. You were not hard to teach backetball so you learned fast. I wish you could be in my fourth grade class.

Your friend,


June 25, 1994

Dear JD,

You have always been a good friend to me. I think you are very smart. You never liked when we would sing the barney song to you. Remember when we played basket ball with Abb he went crazy! I know that you like the power rangers. When you are in partners with Chris you alway laughing? I like the way you laugh. Your alway yawning in class. I wish you could have beat Abba at basketball. I hope you get beater at basketball next year.

Your friend,

June 20, 1994

Dear J.D.,

I have aprecheated you being my best friend. You have never put me down. I know your one best friend I ever had. I will never forget you, in my mind you will always stay. You will be my friend for ever until you die. I am sure you tink of me bieing your best friend. Remember when we used to play Sonic the Hedgehog and tails it was fun. When we played Kickball Basketball you always mabe it from beginning to the end, you were pretty good at baskets. Boy do I hope to see you next year.

Your till I dont know when

(That one was a bit weird...Moving on)

June 16, 1994

Dear J.D.,

When I met you I thought that you were nice. We've shared some good times. I remember when we did work stations and we did the shark packet and did the shark crossword. Do you remember when we went to the computer lab together? Remember when we made daffodils, lilies and tissue paper flowers that we made for Mother's Day. Did you think they were hard to make when you made them? I did. When I finished I thought they look good.

Your friend,


June 22, 1994

Dear J.D.,

I've Known you since first grade. You are funny and wise. You now play basketball every day.

You are smart and funny. You have had manny achivements and your enomous thoughts have increesed. I'll never forget you.

Friends Forever,


Dear J.D.

Do you know that every singol thing you do for me I just love it? Did you now that all the thing I have done for you don't, even thankme. I know that you share lots of things with me and I realy like them alot but I realy want to thank you for sharing that sheet of paper with me.

(This is either Stephanie, Christina or Ashlee. It's not signed. I think it's Christina. I vaguely remember talking to her most because...she was really cute.)

Dear. J.D.

I think you are very smart. At lots of things... like Kick bascket ball, or just plain bascketball. You are very nice to the girls every day. You are not mean, you are generiss and helpfull


Dear J.D,

March 16, 1994

In January we I first came you were the first friend I had and your also a very good basketball. When you go to play basketball your the best at it. Do you ever practice basketball? When you do you times tables your also good at it. I like you as a friend beacause you'ed helped me out so much your my bestiest friend. When you make me laugh I laugh so hard. I think I'm going to burst. Then remember! that time when we could'nt climb up to the rings I did but I fell.

Your friend,

June 21, 1994

Dear J.D.,

Since I met you I new you were going to be a good friend to me and I still think you are a good frieand to me. You are really smart. Me and you never fight and I like that alot. Do you remember when you shot a basket and you said you coulden't shut a basket I wish someday you could show me how? I hope I see you in 4rt grade.

Your frieand,

June 22, 1994

Dear J.D.

Remember when we would play Power Rangers, you would always be Jason. Remember when I had to be Trini. Do you remember when we would play basketball, and you were on the other team. Well I do, remember when you would get the ball, and I would always try to get it. Remember when you would get the ball you would always pass it to Abba, and Abba would pass it to me. I hope you have a nice life.

Your friend,

June 24, 1994

Dear JD,

You always make a person think. For example you are very good on spelling. Have you heard of a spelling bee. I have it a teumonet for the people know to spell really good. J.D have you try out a gym to work on your mucles. I haven't I just workout at home. J.D I will rember I how spell things for years.

Your Class mate,

(Go to hell, Janet. I will never go to a gym, particularly not in the THIRD GRADE)

June 17 1994

Dear J.D,

Remember when you bring your water bottle and we play basketball with Abba. When you drible the ball I can't steal it away from you? When you shout I can't block it away from you. Remember when we play Steal the Bacon. Then Dana keebs on geting me. When we play Kick ball Basketball and you kick it on the ground and we don't get you out. I have a great time with you J.D.

Your friend


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