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Wandering the Desert

I am exhausted... On Sunday I had to help at the fashion show for the Boys & Girls Club. It was fine; I got to wear a tie. The bad part is I wanted to go see a movie at the Plaza Classic Film Festival, but the fashion show ran long so I missed it. Then I went to an art show/live music show at the Percolator and ran into one of my old coworkers from KRUX (I also ran into some other guy I do not know, the smelliest human being ever...). So that was fine, but I was very tired from running around all day. Made a new friend to finish the day off (Got her number and everything. That counts for something I guess).

A Look Back at My Plaza Classic Film Festival Experience

I already wrote about what I hoped to see at Plaza Classic Film Festival. These are my impressions now that it is over.

August 4
I went to see Rock 'n' Roll High School (1979, IMDB rating: 6.7/10) at the top of the Mills Parking Garage. The view was amazing! You could see the city all lit up, which always looks nice. While sitting looking at the screen all I had to do was turn my head slightly to the left to see the huge star on the side of the mountain. It was windy and the screen, decently big as it was, moved a lot. The screen was not a normal screen though. It inflated and was a cube. So it moved with the wind, but didn't just fall over. A side effect of that was the image on the screen would warp as the wind blew and affected the screen cube. This turned out to actually be kind of cool. Very psychedelic. The whole time it I watched the thunder off in the distance. Luckily it never threatened where we sat. The sound was a bit too quiet for my taste. Seeing as this is a …

Third Grade Letters to Me, 1994

We had to write letters to each other in the third grade at O'Shea Keleher Elementary. Then our teacher, Mrs. Bailey put them into a book. I just found it. Here they are (without editing):

Plaza Classic Film Festival

Here are the films I will go see during El Paso's Plaza Classic Film Festival. I am really excited about the lineup this year!
August 4: Rock 'n' Roll High School (Mills Drive-in/Walk-Up, 9:00 PM, $5)August 6: Taxi Driver (Kendle Kidd Performance Hall, 10:00 PM, $10)August 7: Last Year at Marienbad (Philanthropy Theatre, 7 PM, $4)August 9: The Godfather, Part II (Kendle Kidd Performance Hall, 6:30 PM, $10)August 10: Fantasia (Kendle Kidd Performance Hall, 6:30 PM, $10)
August 11: Head (Mills Drive-in/Walk-Up, 9:00 PM • $5)August 12: A Clockwork Orange (Kendle Kidd Performance Hall, 10:00 PM, $10)August 13: One of the following...

Monterey Pop (Arts Festival Plaza, 9:00 PM, Free)
Elevator to the Gallows (Kendle Kidd Performance Hall, 10:00 PM, $10) Last year I saw The Godfather at the Festival and it was amazing. The movie had such a greater effect on the big screen and in front of a crowd of people. I loved it. I got dressed up and everything. I will do that again this year. …