Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Surreal War Dream

This dream was so strange I had to make sure I remembered it. I have been pretty exhausted the past week or so; I think that may have contributed to how weird it turned out.

I started off in a warzone in a city in Libya, except it the buildings looked more like multiple story adobe buildings in the Southwest United States, particularly the way Santa Fe makes all their buildings look. Why I knew it was supposed to be Libya when it looked nothing like it I do not know. I am hiding around the corner of a building dressed like some sort of soldier. Against the wall across from me I see Saddam Hussein... I know he is dead and isn't even from Libya, even in my dream I was questioning what was going on, but there he was. Whatever. He pretty much dared the man in the second story of this adobe building to shoot him. Despite the red sniper target camped directly on his forehead, he managed to not be shot multiple times while standing there taunting everyone. Finally the shooter hit him. I left.

While leaving I spotted some of my buddies, who I figured out quickly were on my side in this war (against whom, I don't know). Somebody started firing at me before I could get to them tried to dodge the shots in a stupid way, by running around like a kick returner in football who has no blockers in front of him. It did not take long before they killed me. But I decided I deserved another chance, so my body turned completely red, where you could only see a silhouette of my figure, and disappeared. I came back to life and this time sprinted across the alley to safety.

At this point I am a bit discombobulated. What am I here for? Who are these people? I seem to be familiar to them, but I could not tell you any of their names. Who is attacking us? Nevertheless, I know we have to find shelter. That is a pretty basic thing. Myself and another guy in the group manage to bust into a metal garage door and get everyone inside.

All five of us went into this dimly lit room that appeared to be a cheap motel room. There were two twins beds separated by a night stand with a lamp from the 1970s. A wooden door was behind the beds and night stand. The door cracked open and I could hear yelling behind it. They were coming to get us. One guy in military gear stuck his head in and managed to get half his body in before we started beating him back. A firefight ensued. We managed to lock the door.

The group decided to look for a way out of this situation. We looked for trap doors, a telephone, other doors, windows and anything to get us out or bring help. Nothing. But the room started to spin slowly and rock. It became obvious we were floating on water. How this happened when we were in the middle of a desert I do not know. But it happened and we could not see where we were headed.

After waiting for what seemed like forever, I turned my back to the wall parallel to the metal garage door and, suddenly, there appeared a window with a thick, cross-shaped wooden frame dividing the window into four segments. Out the window I was drawn to the fine sand surrounding us. A road ran out toward the horizon left from our building. To the right was a hill with a maybe six-foot tall Statue of Liberty replica covered up to the shins with sand. Further away and larger than the Statue of Liberty was a blue peace sign leaning to the left (from my point of view) also partially covered in sand. There were also a few monstrous creatures. One looked like the Lorax on steroids. The other looked like slightly like a camel, but just was not right. Closer to us was a tank that was not moving. Various soldiers ran to and fro aimlessly it seemed, not shooting or communicating, just moving hurriedly.

The came crash to a halt on the shore. Looking out the window I could see we were still in some similar looking desert. Whatever people stood behind the metal door cautiously opened the door. Apparently we were in Mexico and these people were Mexican military, except they spoke English. So...yeah. They asked us who we were and I lied, saying we were Mexican. Of course I do not speak Spanish. I knew instantly this was a terrible idea. The problem was I did not know the rules of this new (probably) World War. It could have been possible we were the enemies.

Now, because I do not know Spanish, yet I knew more than everyone else, I was looked to as the spokesperson for the group. On of my buddies had been shot in the leg, though I had not noticed it until that moment. I am such a great friend of course. The Mexican military seemed to buy our story or at least not mind we were there. They offered to take my injured friend to the hospital. I told him they said this, but I could not remember how to say "hospital" in Spanish. I made up some word that I am pretty confident means something totally different. And instead of mumbling it quietly to him to make up for knowing I was about to blow our cover, I essentially yelled it at him. I am so dumb.

The Mexicans took us into custody and I was annoyed. That is when I woke up.

The End