Monday, April 25, 2011

Things I Have No Patience For

I know how you feel.
I am a pretty patient person when it comes to some things (I can wait and wait for something with no problem), but there are some things that just drive me crazy. And since I am already a bit crazy naturally, I become super crazy.

1) Exceptionally Poor Grammar:

I understand the occasional typo. Still, people these days have no respect for my eyes when they type without a single capital letter or any hint of proper punctuation. And these are people with, at the very least, high school degrees! Some with COLLEGE DEGREES! That is unacceptable.

 So maybe this says more about my personal life than I would like it to, um...Last night I looked at the Craigslist personal ads for the first time and the writing was absolutely horrible. That was all I could think about (a close second: how gross most of them were). I guess there is that...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Surreal War Dream

This dream was so strange I had to make sure I remembered it. I have been pretty exhausted the past week or so; I think that may have contributed to how weird it turned out.

I started off in a warzone in a city in Libya, except it the buildings looked more like multiple story adobe buildings in the Southwest United States, particularly the way Santa Fe makes all their buildings look. Why I knew it was supposed to be Libya when it looked nothing like it I do not know. I am hiding around the corner of a building dressed like some sort of soldier. Against the wall across from me I see Saddam Hussein... I know he is dead and isn't even from Libya, even in my dream I was questioning what was going on, but there he was. Whatever. He pretty much dared the man in the second story of this adobe building to shoot him. Despite the red sniper target camped directly on his forehead, he managed to not be shot multiple times while standing there taunting everyone. Finally the shooter hit him. I left.