Thursday, July 1, 2010

The World Is Ending ABC

Domenico Beccafumi's Inferno: a Christian visi...So this is my first attempt at a poem. Each line starts with a letter of the alphabet in alphabetical order. And the first letter of each word shares the same letter as the other letters in that line (with a few deviations). I did not know where I was going with this, but after the first two lines I decided it would be about an apocalyptic world. I think it works okay. Eh.

After an atrocious attempt at actualizing the afterlife,
Before breathing broken bottles by blazing bricks,
Comfortably confined, casually contained,
Disaster dared decide to dole
Everything ever, even equating exciting, esoteric events
From Forthcoming Fathers fanning famous flames
Grotesquely growing grey guns given gaily,
He hid, having heard howling. However High Heaven has held
Inside itself immense items invincible, incredible, indestructible,
Just jokingly in justice-jeweled jasmine jars.
Knowingly kept kaleidoscopic kittens
Loom, laugh, looking like little listless leopards.
More men march, making money moving monkeys,
None needing nourishment, nuking nothing nicely.
Over one ocean only the occasional ostrich opens,
Pauses, pulling planks to post, probably plastered,
Quite quixotic, quickly quitting.
Read rightly rash ravings, rotten reviews ruling Romans.
Sometimes sensors signal safety sponsors something.
They take their toll, time totally taken, tactfully
United, ultimately useless, ugly undulations under untimely
Values. Very vociferous, violent voices vote.
With winners wondering where went the warmth,
Xmas x-rays of
Youthful yuletide yearnings
Zap the zebras.

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