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Febreze Cologne

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I was at work and a box full of bottles of Febreze spilled the stuff all over me. Usually when I get splashed, or sometimes even drenched, in something it is terrible. Nobody wants to smell like motor oil or salsa or vinegar all day. At least I don't. But being covered in Febreze was awesome! I smelled so good! That makes me think they should package Febreze as cologne.

Now, I actually dislike cologne or that body smell crap. Take this here, my biggest pet peeve, Axe Body Spray:

This ad essentially says, "These stupid bitches will flock to your dumb ass if you spray this terrible shit all over the place! So buy it and you can control them! All of them! Like slavery! Because they're just STUPID BITCHES! Get it!?!"

But it seems to work I guess. Everybody I run into pours the stuff all over them, choking me to death whenever I am near. Then the girls fall for that because they are dumb, everybody is dumb, and the stupid douchebag guys and the dumbass girls can make douchebag, dumbass children and the Cycle of Stupidity can continue.

Febreze smells amazing though. I would buy it if they made it a cologne. I guess that's the point here. (The other point is I despise Axe, Axe commercials, the guys who wear it and the girls who like those guys.)

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