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Maybe I'm Not the Target Market

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Once upon a time I would get ads on Facebook that made sense for me. Then I moved a couple of times and suddenly none of the ads were interesting at all. At first I would get ads for a bunch of stuff happening in Albuquerque. I live about three hours of driving from there. Next came these strange political ads that are the exact opposite of anything I believe in. Add to that all the weird clothing and lifestyle ads; it was just strange.

I'm sorry, but I don't speak Spanish. I have occasionally watched soccer though. However, I never, ever, ever cheer for Mexico. As an America, I want to beat the North American teams first and foremost. Just because I live next to Mexico does not mean I have any ties to the place (and I don't).

Forget those corny firefighter tees? I had no idea that is what those douche-y shirts were! And since I have never claimed to be a firefighter, why would I have a need for "clothing for today's firefighters?" I need clothing for today's do nothing-ers.

Ummmm. Yes, please.

Oh, so you oppose the Obama healthcare bill. Then I don't want you to be my governor. Maybe my being a young, Hispanic, middle class college student isn't the best demographic for you, Mister Weh. Nice smile though.

I never really cared about what women will "do" for a man in uniform. You see, I don't really wear what people would consider a uniform. Man, I wanted to care too! This sad looking lady in a police hat, for instance, would...wear a police hat I guess. I don't know. Hot?

I am pretty sure if I wore this shirt both my parents would kick my ass. And who wears political shirt other than sad old people? I voted for Obama and I have never even been tempted to wear an Obama shirt. But whatever.

Because the United Nations is sooooo powerful! Aren't people with guns always acting so tough all the time? Why are they afraid of the United Nations (which they always argue as being ineffectual) and Hillary Clinton (and we all know women are I right guys! High five!)?

Right, I'm going all the way to Nevada to see the two biggest dummies in America. Man, I would stick out like a sore thumb at a tea party rally. (On a related note, I would also sick out like a sore thumb at a KKK rally)

Nah, her jersey doesn't seem to fit.

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