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Do you know how nice it is to have somebody who can actually engage you in conversation? Or just be able to joke with? It seems like a pretty simple thing, but I find it hard to find people with whom I can actually have a conversation. And to joke with? Even harder (that's what she said).

I mean, I have simple little conversations about work or sports or whatever, school, weather. That's boring though. Real conversations seem almost impossible to come by. People must think about things, right? I know my mind is racing around all day thinking about things. I see people and think about why they do the things they do (the way they dress or interact with others). Everybody must be that way, thinking, wondering.

And when I make jokes I usually get a, "you're funny." That would be nice every once in awhile, but most people don't add anything. What I want to do is say something weird, have the other person respond as the "straight man" (it's a comedy term, not a sexuality term), and continue this pattern. It's really fun to do! My brother and I do it all the time! And that guy is a big dummy. Or I will text something I think is funny because I want to talk and don't have anything in particular to talk about and I'll get, "lol" or much, much worse, "ur funny."

(Seriously? "Ur?" If you wan to abbriviate things, I get that. Your time is limited and there are character limits on texts. Two page texts are kind of frustrating if the subject isn't of huge importance. But put a damn space in there! Everytime I see "ur," I actually pronounce "ur" in my head, not "you are." It frustrates me to no end.)

Fortunately I have been talking/texting someone who can actually play along with my stupid jokes! And that is what this whole blog post is about. I'm in a good mood because somebody can actually understand me. Weird.

Oh hey. This was more boring than I expected it would be. It wasn't this bad in my head. So, here, you got this far. Here are some funny videos I like:

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