Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Neighbor Relations

I've never talked to my neighbors, ever. Twice I have seen who I believe to be the people living next door, but I can't be sure. If the people I saw are, in fact, the people who live next door, then they are two cute girls. They will never talk to me though.

One night I got off of work and it was a little while after one in the morning. She got out of her car about twenty spaces down from where I was parked. I got out of my car and put on my headphones because I can't walk fifty feet without music. Usually nobody is in the parking lot at that time so I was singing to what I thought was just myself.

As my neighbor sees me I'm singing, "You'd better run for life, little girl / Hide your head in the sand, little girl / Catch you with another man / That's the end, little girl." It's a Beatles song called "Run for Your Life." But I think I just looked like some crazy guy in jeans and a wife beater following this cute girl. She turned to go up the stairs and I did to, you know, because I live there.

It was kind of funny because she started walking faster and faster. I slowed down to seem less like I was following her. Anyway, that's the only experience I have had with my neighbors.

"Run for Your Life" by The Beatles
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