Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'm checking out Pan American Center with my keys to Las Cruces, NM

If you were given the keys to the city, what is the first place you would unlock? There are not too many amazing places I would care to unlock; Las Cruces is not known, necessarily, as an entertainment mecca. Still, one place I've been to hundreds of times is the Pan American Center. So I would choose there.

The Pan Am is the stadium where NMSU plays. I love playing basketball on indoor courts and I've only played on the Lou Henson Court twice. Back then I worked at the arena and on our breaks I would run to my dorm, grab my basketball and run back so we could play. That was fun. And I'm sure getting a full court game going would be great!

This is a video from 1990. I think I was at this game. It is a bit hard to remember because I was a few months short how turning five years old. The arena has been updated a bit since then.

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