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The Final Word on My Working at Wal-Mart

Most of my Facebook posts and Tweets have recently been about work. It is pretty much the all consuming force in my life right now, the only actual human interaction I get, the only exercise, the only money, the dominant stress, etc. And I am sick of writing about it in short bursts, so I will write this and that is it. Okay then.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to be fired. I've never really been fired before. And if Wal-Mart believed at all in being sensible, I wouldn't be in any trouble. You see, I got my first "coaching" on Sunday, which is the equivalent of being sent to the principle's office in high school. Though, to be honest, usually that meant you had done something pretty cool and I have not ever done a single thing cool at work.

Essentially it comes down to them wanting us to work three times faster. According to the managers, as an unloader (though that is not my official title it is what I am) we were supposed to unload the 2500 piece truck in an…

A Half-Assed Cartoon

Cold Showers

Most people in Las Cruces don't like the cold. I do however. The past week it's been between the low 30's and upper 20's when I get out of work at night, but I still don't wear a jacket. And I have this bad habit that started when I worked at Village Inn a few years ago of taking off my shirt when I get out of work. So I'm walking across the parking lot in a "wife beater" or whatever the actual name of that kind of tank top is (and since I wear those and don't have a wife to beat, I have to beat other people's wives all the's a big mess and I don't at all enjoy it, but I have to do it because that's what they're called and what the hell else am I going to wear under my shirts?).

The cold doesn't bother me too much. Nobody likes to go into the dairy coolers at work. I do it with no problem. I like it in there! It's all nice and cool. Wait, is that why they're called coolers? Nah. Just a coincidence.