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Sony Fantasy Festival Contest

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Sony and LastFM have put together this competition to see who can make the most popular music festival. It works sort of like fantasy football (from what I understand, I actually despise fantasy football). The artists are all assigned monetary value and you have a limit on how much you can spend. Then their internet buzz determines how many points you score. It's a pretty cool idea and I entered in right away. You can even pick from bands that no longer exist.

After working on the lineup for a bit I came up with something eclectic and decent. It is not what I would necessarily book for a dream festival, but I am actually hoping to win here. Nobody but me wants to see Kaleidoscope sadly. Here's what I put together (in order by purchase price):

Radiohead (buzz: 556)The Beatles (buzz: 410)Muse (buzz: 690)Bob Dylan (buzz: 241)The Ramones (buzz: 129)Editors (buzz: 529)Sia (buzz: 147)Animal Collective (buzz: 146)Elvis Costello (buzz: 106)Vampire Weekend (buzz: 260)