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I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night

Paul PierceImage via Wikipedia
Last night I had a dream that I remember vividly. I would like to share that dream with you now (and a mini-playlist to go along with it).

It started off with me watching a basketball game at the house where I lived as a child. The Boston Celtics were playing the Los Angeles Clippers in L.A. The game goes down to the wire and suddenly I am there somehow. With seconds to play the Celtics are down two and have the ball. Paul Pierce is isolated at the top of the key and his defender slips. Pierce rises up, shoots a three...and misses everything. It was terrible.

For some reason I walk up to him and tell him "It's alright, man. You've made tons of last second shots. And it's the Clippers, so it's not like the game matters."

(That's true, but in Not-Dream World every loss is the end of the world)

Suddenly we are back in my living room, Paul Pierce and I. He does not seem too concerned about the loss. Like I said, it is just the Clippers.

At this point I should explain that I see things happening in a series of camera shots. Ever since I took Media Technology in high school and learned about the different shots used in t.v. and movies I have payed attention to them. I also add cutaways to my daily life, which I spruce up by turning into my own Office-style documentary in my head.

So, now we zoom out to outer space, where Helen Hunt is commanding a ship. She seems uncomfortable with what she has to do. That is when the first few lasers shoot down at U.S. cities. I know for sure Detroit is one of them and something around where Ohio is, another near Washington, D.C. and another around New York City. Apparently half the cities in the world have to be destroyed to save the world for some undefined reason.

But then I think it would not make sense for a ship that close to hit half the cities. So I reason there has to be some pod ship thing further away doing the actual shooting. Yeah, that makes more sense to my sleeping brain. And lo and behold, there is something else doing the shooting! It's like my auto-pilot brain is just making this up as it goes along. But whatever.

Now there is all this laser shooting and the guy who convinced Hunt to do it, I'm sure, is a bad guy. He just looks like he has something to hide. But I will never find out because at that second a squad of spaceships comes to attack Hunt's ship.

The attackers are directly from the arcade game Space Invaders. They are even in that formation.

I am pretty sure I stole this idea from an episode of Futurama. My dreams must be run by Carlos Mencia or Dane Cook. You know, with the stealing of other people's ideas and all.

Those ships begin shooting and Hunt's ship flies away, but crashes on a planet far away.

Six of us survive the wreck, I'm guessing, because we are the only ones I see. (Helen Hunt disappeared and that other guy too. I am there for some reason. Maybe Paul Pierce had a spaceship and I followed them?)

Suddenly a guy, God maybe, decides to give us superpowers. These turn out to be powers like the old mythical gods like Zeus and Poseidon. Well, sort of, but more like comic book or movie versions of those characters.

But one girl, maybe 19 or 20 years old, wants, and gets, the powers of Green Lantern (about whom I know next to nothing). She mentions she would rather be a serial killer (the dream is getting more scattered at this point) as she pulls her black hoodie over her head. I do not see her as a bad person though. "She just know what she wants and that is nice," I remember thinking. Weird.

And this last scene I am doing a voice over like in Goodfellas. That is pretty cool.

Then I woke up.

Usually I can remember what I talked about or watched on t.v. or read that made up my dream, but not this one. I know I watched the episode of That 70's Show where the gang sees Star Wars for the first time. That is about as far as it goes.

Too Much to Dream by Stiv Bators
     A great punk cover of the Electric Prunes psychedelic classic.

Basketball by Kurtis Blow
     They don't make hip-hop like this amazing anymore.

Basketball Jones by Cheech and Chong
     "That bas-a-ball was like a bas-a-ball to me."

I Saw My Death in a Dream Last Night by The Barracudas
     A really moody, psychedelic garage tune by one of the great garage revival bands from the 80's.

Saturday Night in the City of the Dead by Ultravox
     A super funky New Wave/punk song from 1977.

Space Man by The Dentists
     Catchy power pop from 1994.

Subway Ride Thru Inner Space by The Freak Scene
     The definition of freaky psychedelia from 1967. The Freak Scene may be a band nobody remembers anymore, but the record sounds great.

Sunshine Superman by The Leathercoated Minds
     Another forgotten band covering Donovan's huge 1966 hit in 1968. "Superman and Green Lantern ain't got nothing on me"

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