Wednesday, July 8, 2009

'Journey to the Center of the Mind' Needs to Be Blasted

Some songs just need to be played louder than others. Here, three songs you NEED to play loud to get the full experience.

Journey to the Center of the Mind by Amboy Dukes

Two words (after these few ones). Ted. Nugent. His guitar work leaps out of the speakers, grabs you by the throat and pulls you into a swirling tunnel of psychedelic colors. I swear, the first time I turned this up in my car I could see colors leap from the road; and I wasn't taking any drugs.

Summertime by Billy Stewart

Most versions of "Summertime" are rather melancholy. Billy Stewart's jazzy, soulful and at times, dare we say, rocking, version, however, smashes them to pieces. The horns add a funky dimension to Stewart's incredible vocals. But the most amazing part of the song comes after the song quiets down. Stewart makes it sound as if they will fade out quietly, but the drums come storming out of the silence with a vengeance. That's when things get heavy and the band plays at it's most menacing with Stewart shouting like the great soul singers do.

I Am the Walrus by The Beatles

"I Am the Walrus" is like a psychedelic freight train barreling straight through your mind. John Lennon's distorted voice spouts nonsense lyrics while an orchestra fills the in spaces, a heavy thickness that creates a terrible, wonderful tension released only as Lennon shouts "Jooba jooba jooba!"