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Ultimate Gillette Gift Set

Do you see that? I bought it last week. Five dollars for all of it! Amazing, I know! A sixteen dollar value. The amount of savings is almost impossible to put into words. Eleven. But eleven is still one of the biggest numbers I know, so that means this Ultimate Gillette Fusion Gift Set achieves greatness. I can not stop talking about strangers, to acquaintances, to friends, to strange friends with whom I am acquainted, etc. But mostly to strangers.

I go up to them in dark alleys, corner them against the wall in a rough fashion and express my love for Gillette's incredible...incredibleness. "Hey, look at me when I'm talking to you, bastard!" I say as I grab them by the throat, slamming them against the wall. Then, with wild eyes a-blazing, I tell them this:

"You may not know it, but you are missing the greatest deal known to earth since Jesus' Carpentry Store Presidents Day sales back in...England or wherever he was from. For the low, low, low price …