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This is an update. I generally think it's stupid when people write about their boring life on a blog, especially a MySpace one, unless it's done with comedy in mind. Because really, I could cry about why some girl doesn't like me or whatever (BUT WHY!?! OH WHY!?! LITTLE RED-HEAD GIRL! Ha ha. Just kidding. I was watching Peanuts cartoons on tv today) and bore everyone since that is what everyone writes about. Booooooo! Enough! Anyway, if you care there's this.

I'm relatively close to getting an apartment in Las Cruces. All I need to do, really, is, um, actually go and do it. Yes! That seems to always be my problem. Since I now work at Wal-Mart in Las Cruces (the crappy one on Valley), driving home at one in the morning to the Far East side of El Paso all the time absolutely kills me.

Oh, yes. My job. In one word: terrible. In three: very, very terrible. I unload stuff from trucks and stack it up. Then I pull the stacks out to the floor. Then, if time remains, I stock the stuff which sits in the customer's way. The stuff I unload is many times very heavy (throw bags of dog food around for a few hours and see how tired you get). The guys I work with all out-weigh me and are generally much stronger, so I have to work harder just to keep up. It sucks.

And the people! I have cut out essentially all the music, tv and movie references from my speech and still it is not enough. I called a girl "a regular Benedict Arnold" and had to explain who he was. Ugh. And one time I mentioned Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (long story) and the conversation immediately changed to how funny his name sounds. Once I used the phrase "give it the ol' college try" to which I received back a blank stare. You get the story (though I guess I should stop assuming people will). I feel handicapped in all my conversations! Maybe I should do some Dane Cook jokes. I'm sure they'll laugh at those. And I'll immediately commit suicide ceremoniously like the Sad Penguin (of which I can not find a video).

Also, we listen to the Rocket all day and I want to jump off a bridge it's so bad.

So, I've been wanting to write on either this blog or Velvet Night Sky and haven't gotten around to it, until today. I'm also working on a book(?) of absurd historical lessons similar to the Professor Brothers with a touch of word play like in John Lennon's In His Own Write. When I finish a few stories I'll probably post them here. I don't know.

And there's a plan for a local music blog, maybe (it's ready to go, but who knows?). Oh, and I've grown bored of MySpace and have turned to Facebook. Suck it Murdoch!

Goodbye for now, forever!

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