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Sony Fantasy Festival Contest

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Sony and LastFM have put together this competition to see who can make the most popular music festival. It works sort of like fantasy football (from what I understand, I actually despise fantasy football). The artists are all assigned monetary value and you have a limit on how much you can spend. Then their internet buzz determines how many points you score. It's a pretty cool idea and I entered in right away. You can even pick from bands that no longer exist.

After working on the lineup for a bit I came up with something eclectic and decent. It is not what I would necessarily book for a dream festival, but I am actually hoping to win here. Nobody but me wants to see Kaleidoscope sadly. Here's what I put together (in order by purchase price):

Radiohead (buzz: 556)The Beatles (buzz: 410)Muse (buzz: 690)Bob Dylan (buzz: 241)The Ramones (buzz: 129)Editors (buzz: 529)Sia (buzz: 147)Animal Collective (buzz: 146)Elvis Costello (buzz: 106)Vampire Weekend (buzz: 260)

I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night

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Last night I had a dream that I remember vividly. I would like to share that dream with you now (and a mini-playlist to go along with it).

It started off with me watching a basketball game at the house where I lived as a child. The Boston Celtics were playing the Los Angeles Clippers in L.A. The game goes down to the wire and suddenly I am there somehow. With seconds to play the Celtics are down two and have the ball. Paul Pierce is isolated at the top of the key and his defender slips. Pierce rises up, shoots a three...and misses everything. It was terrible.

For some reason I walk up to him and tell him "It's alright, man. You've made tons of last second shots. And it's the Clippers, so it's not like the game matters."

(That's true, but in Not-Dream World every loss is the end of the world)

Suddenly we are back in my living room, Paul Pierce and I. He does not seem too concerned about the loss. Like I said, it is just the Clippers.

At …

How I'd Spend $1,000

Image via WikipediaThe correct answer is paying off some of my student debt, but that would make for a boring answer. A list then:

Assuming Anchor Blue gets away from that crappy punk/hip-hop combo look I hate so very, very much, two new pairs of jeans. (Man, I really used to love their jeans back in the day) -$50? Haven't bought jeans since they switched styles...Playstation 3 -$450The Beatles: Rock Band with all the instruments -$250Nnamdi Asomugha jersey -$75Foot-long Cold Cut Combo from Subway (on Parmesan Oregano with Monterey Cheddar cheese, cucumbers, pickles, olives, mustard and ranch dressing) -$5.67Season One and Two of Mad Men -$80.00 (probably)Hell, this is too hard. I'll just give the rest of the money away. Or drugs or something.

What My Ride Needs Is Power Windows

Back in the day (five years ago?) there was a great show called "Pimp My Ride." Then it started to suck. Anyway, before that happened it was really fun to see what the guys would do to the cars to make them unique and all fancy-like.
Even though I dug that show, I'm not as adventurous. There is one thing I want for my car: power windows. Damn this sensibility my parents instilled in me! When I went shopping for my car, I specifically asked for a four door, gray/silver car. I did not want anything fancy looking. I did not want to look like I was a show off. Decent gas mileage and a decent price was important and I got both. But not having power windows has annoyed me the whole time I've had the car!

But really, MTV sucks now.Related articles by Zemanta Paste Intern Watches 24 Straight Hours of MTV, Loses Mind ( List of Eligible "Cash for Clunkers" Vehicles ('s The Worst Car You've Ever Owned? [Question Of The Day] (jal…

Three Historical People I Would Invite to Dinner

Choosing a group of three historical figures to attend a dinner with me is a difficult task (there have been millions of interesting people...or a couple dozen). People I admire are a must. I mean, inviting someone I would like to beat up, like Hitler, would be fun, but I like to think those people are getting their's in hell. are the interesting people I admire that I think would make for fun conversation.
John Lennon
John Lennon via last.fmHe is only the favorite member of my favorite band and I never even had the chance to see him live. Aside from the fact that I am in awe of his artistic greatness, he was known to be very quick witted and sarcastic. I usually get along pretty well with those people because I am the same way. We could talk about politics too; I'm sure he gets tired of talking about music (well, if he were alive).Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Franklin D. Roosevelt via last.fmSpeaking of politics, I read a book about FDR and was amazed at his mental, physi…

NMSU Aggies Prior to WWII

New Mexico State University (Photo credit: Wikipedia) We all know how big college athletics have become today. But before television and the popularization of football and basketball professional leagues, college athletics were very different. This article, written by Walter Hines, takes a look at New Mexico State University athletics. Even back in the late 1890's, NMSU, then called NM A&M, fielded teams which competed with local universities and clubs, not only in the U.S., but also Mexico.

Here, Hines takes a look back at the 1938-39 Aggies basketball team which earned a trip to the N.I.T. At the time, the N.I.T. was the biggest college basketball tournament in the nation.
They relied on a dizzying fast break triggered by Jackson's rebounding and outlet passes, Martinez's ball handling and generalship, and Finley's running, Cousy-like one handers. A week after a thrilling victory over Texas Tech at Williams Gym, a telegram from the Metropolitan Sportswriters arr…

Choose Between a Treehouse, Tent or Underground Bunker for a Week's Stay

Image via Wikipedia An underground bunker may sound like a crazy place to choose when a treehouse and a tent are the other two choices. Everybody wanted a treehouse when they were young, right? People go camping and sleep in tents, right? Only people hiding from, say, a tornado or the a-bomb stay in an underground bunker.

Well, yes. But I loved going to Carlsbad Caverns as a kid. The dark and quiet of the cave intrigued me so much, I never wanted to leave. Plus, it is much cooler underground and I hate the heat. In a treehouse you have to deal with bugs and birds all the time. In a tent you still have bugs to worry about. But an underground bunker is just mellow and undisturbed.

And I love being left alone; therefore, I would dig spending a week underground.

Procrastination Will Kill Me One Day...

Recently new student loan repayment loans were introduced and they would really help me out (what, with my minimum wage job not really paying the bills right now). All I have to do is call my loan provider, but I keep putting it off.
Phone Struck by Lightning I hate, hate, hate using the phone. I avoid it at all costs. The funny thing is, a simple phone call will reduce my student loan payments to ZERO. Procrastination is a stupid thing. And I'm a stupid person apparently. But this morning I WILL call New Mexico Student Loans and take advantage of the new repayment rules! I will!

'Journey to the Center of the Mind' Needs to Be Blasted

Some songs just need to be played louder than others. Here, three songs you NEED to play loud to get the full experience.
Journey to the Center of the Mind by Amboy Dukes Two words (after these few ones). Ted. Nugent. His guitar work leaps out of the speakers, grabs you by the throat and pulls you into a swirling tunnel of psychedelic colors. I swear, the first time I turned this up in my car I could see colors leap from the road; and I wasn't taking any drugs. Summertime by Billy Stewart Most versions of "Summertime" are rather melancholy. Billy Stewart's jazzy, soulful and at times, dare we say, rocking, version, however, smashes them to pieces. The horns add a funky dimension to Stewart's incredible vocals. But the most amazing part of the song comes after the song quiets down. Stewart makes it sound as if they will fade out quietly, but the drums come storming out of the silence with a vengeance. That's when things get heav…

How I Eat a Sandwich

I have a set way I like to eat a sandwich. Here it is:

Eat by numbers.
Everyone should eat sandwiches this way.

If I Had to Pick the Songs in Beatles: Rock Band

The Beatles: Rock Band is set to come out September 9, 2009 and Beatle fans are getting excited. So far we know of ten songs which will be in the game. But what other ones will be included? I decided to make a list of what I want to see. By the time I finished it was clear that Harmonix, the game's creators, have a HUGE task ahead of them. Just on my made up list I left off about ten songs I absolutely love.

First, some ground rules. My list is limited to 45 songs because the game is (though I stretched the rules at the end). The songs and venues we already know are in the game I included (they are in bold). For the group of songs that I think should make use of soundscapes, I just wrote "soundscapes" for the venue.

The Cavern Club
Liverpool, England: 1962
Hippy Hippy ShakeRoll Over BeethovenSweet Little SixteenTwist and Shout
The Ed Sullivan Show
New York, New York: February 1964
All My LovingShe Loves YouI Want to Hold Your HandI Saw Her Standing TherePlease Please Me
The Set …


The pyramids were built by Ancient Egyptians as a monument to their kings, who always encouraged healthy eating.
Sometimes I watch Hannity's America because I like comedic shows. One day we'll all sit around the fireplace with him drinking hot cocoa and laugh about all the bat-shit insane stuff he says. Then when we wake up in the morning we'll realize, collectively as a nation, that Sean Hannity has left and our wallet with all our credit cards in it is missing. He is a con-artist and his show is just an elaborate plot to steal our credit cards.
Crunchy peanut butter was invented by lazy peanut butter makers. They just quit half-way through the peanut butter creating process and push the product off on an unsuspecting public. Unacceptable.
Historical Fact of the Day: The Cold War, fought during the Ice Age upon the backs of Woolly Mammoths between the United States and USSR, introduced the world to a new kind of potato, the Spudnik. This wonderful agricultural feat led to th…

A Comic about Catfish and Chicken Blood

One day I came across this ingenious product for catching catfish. It said it was made with real chicken blood. This is what I imagine it would look like if you used it.

The End.

I messed up the picture by making it too small. Ugh. But it reads "Dude, is that chicken blood? We haven't been to Popeye's in SO LONG!" And the other fish says, "Fo' real, yo. This could in no way be a trick because we love chicken so much, naturally. What, with all the chicken found in the ocean and all."

Ultimate Gillette Gift Set

Do you see that? I bought it last week. Five dollars for all of it! Amazing, I know! A sixteen dollar value. The amount of savings is almost impossible to put into words. Eleven. But eleven is still one of the biggest numbers I know, so that means this Ultimate Gillette Fusion Gift Set achieves greatness. I can not stop talking about strangers, to acquaintances, to friends, to strange friends with whom I am acquainted, etc. But mostly to strangers.

I go up to them in dark alleys, corner them against the wall in a rough fashion and express my love for Gillette's incredible...incredibleness. "Hey, look at me when I'm talking to you, bastard!" I say as I grab them by the throat, slamming them against the wall. Then, with wild eyes a-blazing, I tell them this:

"You may not know it, but you are missing the greatest deal known to earth since Jesus' Carpentry Store Presidents Day sales back in...England or wherever he was from. For the low, low, low price …

Some Karaoke Suggestions

Ever been hanging out somewhere when some genius gets the brilliant suggestion to sing karaoke? It's usually a fun time, well, at least a funny time. Most people can't sing anyway. But standing in line waiting to sing, what do you pick? This question has plagued many a potential karaoke-r. Here, some ideas I think you should consider.Twist and Shout by The Beatles For one, you get to yell. And everybody knows the song and can sing along. When Twist and Shout was used in Ferris Bueller's Day Off in the 80's, it shot up the charts. This from a song released in the 60's. Everybody knows Twist and Shout! Psycho Killer by Talking Heads The ability to passionately deliver this Talking Heads classic, combined with the "funny" lyrics, make Psycho Killer one of my favorite songs to sing in my car at the top of my lungs. House of the Rising Sun by The Animals Another song most people know the lyrics to, Eric Burd…


Cover of In His Own WriteThis is an update. I generally think it's stupid when people write about their boring life on a blog, especially a MySpace one, unless it's done with comedy in mind. Because really, I could cry about why some girl doesn't like me or whatever (BUT WHY!?! OH WHY!?! LITTLE RED-HEAD GIRL! Ha ha. Just kidding. I was watching Peanuts cartoons on tv today) and bore everyone since that is what everyone writes about. Booooooo! Enough! Anyway, if you care there's this.

I'm relatively close to getting an apartment in Las Cruces. All I need to do, really, is, um, actually go and do it. Yes! That seems to always be my problem. Since I now work at Wal-Mart in Las Cruces (the crappy one on Valley), driving home at one in the morning to the Far East side of El Paso all the time absolutely kills me.

Oh, yes. My job. In one word: terrible. In three: very, very terrible. I unload stuff from trucks and stack it up. Then I pull the stacks out to the floor. Then…