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Every blog I frequent did this last week, so, like the maverick I am, I will do it now (plus I didn't really spend much time on the internet during the break). Alright. Here is my list:

10) New Mitch Hedberg Record

Just what I needed to pick me up, the new Mitch Hedberg comedy record, Do You Believe in Gosh?, lived up to everything I expected. It was funny. The end.

9) Collapse of the Financial Market

You may be asking (axin') yourself why I would be thankful for this when I'm so very, very poor and that jerk Henry Paulson won't bail be out of MY massive debt. Well, I had to break it down into the good and bad to figure it out myself.

The good: First, President Bush will go down as the worst president in the history of the United States of America, confirming what I've said for the last eight years. Second, watching those idiots on financial networks lose faith in all they believe in (the power of money and the markets over everything else) while it is obliterated makes me laugh.

The bad: I pretty much won't get a decent job coming out of college in a couple of weeks. Nobody has any money. People can't get loans. Everybody is losing their jobs. HUMAN BEINGS ARE KILLING OTHER HUMAN BEINGS TO GET CHEAP CRAP AT WAL-FREAKIN'-MART. Some (many?) emerging markets could really collapse (I'm looking at you China!) and become embroiled in social turmoil as a result.

Verdict: All in all I guess it evens out in the end. Net Plus!

8) Margaret Brennan

The good thing about watching CNBC nearly 24-hours a day is the few moments Margaret Brennan is on the screen (though Jim Cramer remains entertaining enough).

7) NBC on Thursday

Amy Ryan was great on the Office! She's not there anymore, but the show, save for one episode, remains excellent. Then there's 30 Rock with all of the celebrity guest stars. That should be real shtick-y and annoying. Surprise. It's not. Steve Martin has been my favorite so far with Jennifer Aniston coming in a close second. And My Name Is Earl, when I remember to watch it, makes me laugh. Though, to be fair, Kath and Kim annoys me to no end. That's when I switch over to the Rachel Maddow Show.

6) Music Blogs

Aside from having my own pathetic little music blog, there are a whole bunch of great ones. I have "not at all illegally downloaded" any records. Yeah. That's the ticket.

5) Tina Fey in General

Excuse me while I try to stop drooling for a moment...Okay. Without Tina Fey there would be no 30 Rock and the world would be a worse place. And without Tina Fey there would have been no Sarah Palin/Tina Fey impersonations this Thanksgiving from everyone in my extended family. The bunch of commie, libruls...

4) Barack Obama

It took longer than it should have, but we finally have a basketball-playing president. And now he is all over the television appointing fellow basketball players to all sorts of things, everywhere, forever. Good job America! Wait. I bet Obama is actually a secret baseball player. I vaguely remember one of "those ones" pulling a stunt like that on an unsuspecting American public some time ago.

3) Stephen Colbert and the Colbert Report and the Colbert Christmas Special

These videos are all you need to see.

2) Boston Celtics Winning the NBA Championship

The Lakers suck. Paul Pierce got a ring. One of my teams wins something and isn't absolutely horrendous! (The Red Sox don't count because I'm not a real big baseball fan)

1) Nate Silver and

Absolutely the greatest website during the election. Mr. Silver got the popular vote margin and electoral college amazingly close using math and regression analysis or something. It kept me sane for, what, like the eight months I visited it.

Bonus: The Dark Knight

That was a pretty cool movie, right? And it sure made Spiderman 3 look like a piece of junk. Terrible, horrible junk

So, that's it. Everything else this year was disappointing and depressing, not deserving of thanking. Now get off the stoop and leave me and my trash can alone.

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