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Joe Biden in Mesilla, NM

Joe Biden stopped by Old Mesilla on October 17. I received word of his visit a few days in advance and was a bit excited. I mean, all I do is watch cable news and read political blogs all day so I've heard everyone's stump speech before. Still, I wanted to see him and show my support. I see the massive crowds that Obama and to a lesser extent McCain and Palin get and I hear stories about the excitement volunteers and about the protests and general craziness surrounding everything. I wanted to see it for myself.

I decided against going to class because I wanted to get there when the "doors opened" at 11:30. Of course I actually headed out on my twelve minute journey to Mesilla at a little before 11:30. Driving down the street a few miles away there were no Obama/Biden signs, but there were McCain/Palin ones dotting the place. That worries me. But when I finally got to Avenida de Mesilla I was pleased to see that parking was hard to come by. I ended up parking in a dirt…

What to Do When You Root for a Bad Team and Live Far Away

Watching the Boston Celtics defeat the Cleveland Cavaliers tonight in Boston, I could not help remembering the joy of the crowd as they won the NBA Championship last season. The final game being a blowout, it turned into one long celebration. The fans were having such a great time! Now, I am a Celtics fan, but I have never been to Boston. One time I went to Washington, D.C, but that is as close as I have ever gotten. I am also an Oakland Raiders fan, but I have only been to the west coast once (and that was to Los Angeles). So, how can a fan stay rooting for their team when that team is bad and they live nowhere close? Unfortunately, I have some experience in this department.

Haha. Once upon a time all of my teams (actually, the teams I am a fan of, you know, since I don't actually own them) were horrible losers for many, many years and nobody ever had any hope they would win, possibly ever again. When your team only gets the minimal mention on Sportscenter and then only to laugh a…

Lamenting Aggie Football

The NMSU football game in Moscow, Idaho just ended. Despite being a two touchdown favorite to the perennial pushover Idaho Vandals, the Aggies lost once again. I suppose the typical response from the average fan would be, "Here we go again," because looking at the remaining schedule it appears as if the team will not make a bowl game for the 48th year in a row. The unfortunate thing about this season is the team looks very good on paper/in video games. Senior quarterback Chase Holbrook led the nation in passing a couple of years ago. Senior wide receiver Chris Williams could be the fastest player in the nation. A new defense brought hope that confusing the opposing offense with unique looks could lead to increased turnovers. Injuries to key players last year forced young players to grow up quickly and looked to infuse this year's team with a deeper roster.

But a funny thing happened on the road to familiar mediocrity. First, a hurricane forced the Aggies first opponent to…