Saturday, September 6, 2008

Updates: Beatles Monopoly

  • A new Beatles Monopoly game was released. Now you can own all the Beatles' catalog just like famed child molestor Michael Jackson! [Amazon]

  • Maybe you've heard of this Ron Paul guy? Every idiot you know likely has told you about him. Well, he had a convention at the same time as the Republicans and his was better with the costumes and whatnot. [Swampland]

  • Google created a web browser and will soon announce its' own government which we will all then switch to. The free market works, people! [Goggle's Blog]

  • No-longer-hostage Jenna Fischer wants to raise money for kittens, presumably for a presidential run, maybe. [Office Tally]

  • Who is Columbia gonna call to write the new Ghostbusters movie? The guys from the Office. [Variety]