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Remember When Jenna Fischer Was Kidnapped?

Don't call me Pammy.Rainn Wilson (Dwight from the Office) kidnapped Jenna Fischer (Pam from the Office) in an attempt to get people to go to his movie "The Rocker." It should have worked, right? Get a pretty girl from one of the best shows on television to drive web traffic to a website full of videos describing the kidnapping and people trying to get her out. Hey, even get Slash to guest star in a few videos! Keep the movie in everyone's mind so they go see it on opening day. So, how did it fare?

It turns out that even great viral marketing can not make an average movie great. Plagued by reviews of being boring and unimaginative (earning a 35% fresh rating on, "The Rocker" only managed to open in 12th place, grossing $2.75 million. So, now that the movie flopped there was only one question to ask, "What would happen to Jenna Fischer?"

So that did not happen, but then another video appeared that was much more sinister.

So now the fun is all gone and it was expected that Jenna Fischer was dead, but she managed to survive and is helping kittens. According to her MySpace Blog:

I’m free! I’m out of Rainn’s trunk! I faked my own death and escaped from a shallow grave. When Rainn saw me walking around set, I pretended to be a zombie so he wouldn’t try to bury me again. And, it worked! I’m free!

What a crazy experience. On August 11th, I told Rainn he could post something on my MySpace page and the next thing I know I’m locked in a car for 15 days. The days were brutally hot and the nights were cold.

I was touched by the number of people who came by to visit. Oscar played cards with me through the window. He even let me win once or twice. Amy Ryan sneaked food from the catering department. She knows how much I love their beef tacos. Creed played guitar for me at sunset. I saw Angela talking with Rainn but then she went away and I never saw her again. The same thing happened with B.J. and Mindy.

My 15 days in captivity provided me with a lot of time to think. I feel enlightened. And, while my captivity did not bring The Rocker box office to the numbers we had hoped I still saw the value of giving myself over to a cause higher than self. I've decided to use this experience to give back. And it starts now!

If you live in Los Angeles.., please join me on Sunday September 14th for The Furball at the Skirball the 10 year anniversary celebration and fundraiser for Kitten Rescue – the largest animal rescue organization in Southern California. (They saved over 1,000 cats last year.)

The Furball at the Skirball is an awesome event. There will be live entertainment, an awesome multi-course dinner, and a silent auction – featuring MANY, MANY signed items from the Office cast including a signed mug, signed script, signed DVD, a limited edition “Dunder-Muffin” suitcase (it was a joke inscription made exclusively for the cast and crew of The Office) and more. My friend Jennifer Gunn donated a Cupcake Courier! They also have trips, jewelry, and you might even be able to bid on the designer cocktail dress I’ll be wearing that evening. So, please come out and mingle for a good cause.

As many of you know, I’m passionate about animals. Before The Office I worked for 3 years doing hands-on rescue work with Kitten Rescue. In my time with the organization I personally fostered and placed 9 cats. That means that I would take a cat into my home, care for it, give it medical attention if it was sick and eventually find it permenant home. Kitten Rescue covers the cost of medical procedures, spay/neuter, and microchipping and they organize adoption fairs to help their foster volunteers place the cats into loving homes. It is a truly amazing network of animal lovers and the work is very rewarding.

Now our long, national nightmare is over. Welcome back Jenna!

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