Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Beware of Inventing Things and, also, Molemen

  • Some Foreign Guy invented the iPod, but gets NO MONEY AT ALL because Apple says they do not really care. [Daily Mail]
  • The MTV Video Music Awards really sucked and pretty much nobody will ever watch it a perfect world. [Slam Online]
  • John Hodgeman (from the Daily Show and Apple commercials) has a new book and also talks about Molemen and Molemanic women a whole bunch. [Boing Boing TV via Comedy Central Insider]
  • Stephen Colbert's DNA will soon be in space and that is actually very cool. Unfortunately it will not be his famous "Formula 401." Sorry ladies. [AP via No Fact Zone]
  • The Onion has discovered the most important issue for this election and, really, every election. [The Onion]