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We all know the internet is a series of tubes. This is a fact and cannot be refuted.

On this interweb we get to read the brilliant insights of everyday, hard-working people (the "grassroots" if you will) about politics. We get to learn that the proper spelling of "your" is "ur." We get to social network with our real life friends, make virtual (pretend?) ones and even catch up with the people we went to high school with who went to the local, terrible university and still hang out with other people from high school, unable to let things go, trying to suck you back into the ol' clique to relive the glory days (yeah, that's a joke) back before the beer bellies and multiple children in only five short years, as if you'd be into that...isn't that why you went to a different school? You didn't even like high school. Why would you want to relive that crap? Prom was the worst day of your life, yet they want to pull you back down to their level of the stupidity, listening to the worst music, laughing at Dane Cook and You Don't Mess with the Zohan!?! What the hell!?!

Ummmm...where was I? Oh right!

But what is the most practical use of this powerful new tool? This is the answer:

Awesome Videos

Learning About History

Making Jerks Look Like the Jerks They Are

And that is the ONLY thing it is good for.


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