Friday, August 22, 2008

Updates: A Good Week for New Mexico and other State Stuff

  • People all over the country get to learn that John "No, My Wife Owns Those Seven Homes" McCain wants all the young people in Las Cruces to be drafted and go to war against every country in the world and kill everyone or Osama Bin Laden (whichever comes first). [YouTube]

  • A writer in Clovis thinks a town in New Mexico should change its name to Canton so Stephen Colbert makes fun of it as free publicity rains down on us all. [CNJ Online]

  • New Mexico may just be able to increase its number of disgraced Pakistani dictators leaders when exiled former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf moves here! [PBS: Online NewsHour]

  • Hippies tried to burn down NMSU in 1969, but luckily super asshole Steve Pearce was there to stop it with his ASNMSU President superpowers. Well, today we have an asshole ASNMSU President. I guess now we have to burn down some administration buildings. [New Mexico Independent]