Saturday, August 16, 2008

Rocky MMVIII: Obama v McCain

I'm Barack Obama and you're not.We already know Barack Obama is a secret mooslim, a radical christian, the anti-christ, the messiah, uppity, the most famous celebrity in all the world ever, a basketball player, an elitist, a professor, a lawyer, a Foreign, a librul, a lefty, best friends with Malcolm X and Scarlett Johansson and George Clooney, black, white, Hawaiian (or did I cover that with Foreign), unable to answer a phone at three in the morning, related to everyone everywhere, a drug addict, a gym rat, a known terrorist, the second coming of JFK, the second coming of RFK and willing to Lose the War™ to win an election. But what we did not know is that he is actually Rocky.

I find it strange that almost every clip has a black guys face plastered on a white body and white faces on black bodies. Which goes to show you: Rocky is a racist movie created by the KKK.