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New Mitch Hedberg Record Soon

I got so much tartar (on my teeth), I don't got to dip my fishsticks in shit...Actually, that's kinda gross.The late comedian Mitch Hedberg made people laugh with the strange inflections in his voice and even stranger observations. Now you can hear some jokes off the soon-to-be-released Do You Believe in Gosh? (record two months before his death), out on Comedy Central records September 9.

Hedberg was one of the greatest comics of his generation (certainly WAAAAAYYYY better than better known MySpace-fueled, shitty comics who just yell and couldn't tell a joke to save their life) despite his shy and unassuming stage presence. Now watch some videos of his greatness:

You can read more about the man and buy his old records, some cool t-shirts and other memorabilia at his website:

[Punchline Magazine]


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