Thursday, August 28, 2008

Live Democratic Convention Coverage Is Crazy Fun!

Where is Walter Cronkite when we need him?I like MSNBC. It is funny. CNN is boring. Fox News is...retarded. But MSNBC is full of people who despise each other and say it on the air! I love live t.v!

Everyone at MSNBC probably should just get a little more sleep. This convention is tearing them apart! Why can't we just get along? Here is Chris Matthews losing his mind for no reason.

And then we have self-righteous, but usually correct and generally funny Keith Olbermann being an ass to major douchebag Joe Scarborough.

MSNBC can not get enough of tearing each other down as idiot Scarborough decides to be a major ass to another complete douche, David Shuster.

But they were not the only ones doing stupid things. Here is Fox News being eaten alive by protesting anarchist, liberal wolves. Then Fox reporter Griff "fratboy" Jenkins asks, as Fox reporters are prone to do at the drop of a hat (or accusations of bias), "Do you not believe in freedom?"

And if you want to know where any CNN videos are...well, there are not any because CNN is boring and nobody watches it. I can only assume Wolf Blitzer finally scalped Jack Cafferty like he has wanted to do ever since "the Cafferty File" was invented. I will try to confirm this from my pretend, unicorn sources.